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Is The Oxford Investment Club a Scam?

Have you heard of investment clubs? The Oxford Investment Club is one of the more popular investment clubs around. But what is it exactly? Is the Oxford Investment Club a scam?

What is an Investment Club?

First of all, what is an investment club? In the simplest of terms, The Oxford Club is a private membership investment club providing its members with investment advice through newsletters, reports, and opportunities. Their Chief Investment Strategist is Alexander Green, author of several wealth and investment books. Mr. Green has over 20 years of experience working on Wall Street.

There are three levels of membership starting at the Premier Level which is $149/year. It includes their monthly newsletter with investment ideas from Alexander Green, an income letter with income-producing strategies, and an investment guide along with several other features. Then there is the Director’s Circle, which is a lifelong Premier Membership, and their Chairman’s Circle, which is listed as their elite membership but you have to call and speak to a salesperson to gain access, information, and pricing. No doubt they do some significant screening to make sure you’re eligible for the Chairman’s Circle.

Is the Oxford Club Worth the Investment?

Like anything, opinions about the Oxford Club vary.

On one hand, some feel that the recommended stocks are microcap stocks which can be easily manipulated by a large company purchasing a large number of shares for a reasonable price. Then, once the price has risen, the company can sell off its shares which will cause the stock price to drop.

To be a smart consumer, you will definitely want to do your own research on the stocks suggested before investing as the ultimate responsibility for losses or gains will be yours.

With that said, there are many great reviews of The Oxford Club, stating that they focus on larger returns with less risk. In fact, one reviewer states “The Club’s proven strategy focuses on a single idea – stock market success is about analyzing businesses, not investing . . . with little more than educated guesses.”

For over 20 years The Oxford Club has offered easy-to-implement investment strategies with timely ideas for investment opportunities. They offer both domestic and international stock advice through their monthly newsletters, allowing you a good diversification of your funds.

Should You Invest in the Oxford Club?

So, you’re wondering if the Oxford Club is right for you? Well, on the plus side, the Oxford Club also offers advice for creating tax-smart portfolios, allowing you to pay less tax on your gains and protect your wealth. They research hundreds of investment opportunities to sort out the ones that will provide the best gains and the lowest risk. These are the opportunities they share with their members.

Essentially, they make investing less confusing by doing most of the homework for you and showing you the most profitable places to invest. Not only does the Oxford Club send out regular newsletters, but they also offer online access to their most current recommendations as well as buy/sell alerts. They also offer in-person and virtual networking with other members.

With over 157,000 members, many great reviews, and very few bad reviews, they must be doing something right. At the very least, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to review their offer to see if it’s something you’ll find worthwhile.


  • This letter is a total scam. They scammed my father out of $6k, he suffers from early stage dementia and they took advantage of him. I will be suing them shortly in Baltimore. Ignore everything you see written, they prey on the elderly.

  • Curiously Alex Green seems to only have about a Million dollars in financial worth. Why? If he is so good at picking stocks why is he not a LOT more wealthy. This sounds like a scam but with Bill O’reily on board i would think he did his homework before putting his name behind it

  • Too bad that Mr. O’Reilly has paid $50 million to six women for sexual harassment lawsuits & Fox News (where he had a highly rated cable news show for 16 years!) paid another $13 million to 5 other women for the same reason!!

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