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Landlordy App Review

Have you ever heard of the Landlordy App? If you own rental properties that you manage yourself, you’ll want to check this out.

Keeping up with the paperwork involved with property management can be overwhelming and you’re sure to miss something important along the way.

The Landlordy App is a property management app that will help you keep all of your tenant information right at your fingertips for easy access. Know who owes you rent, when it’s due, if there are repairs that need to be handled, if a lease is due for renewal, and more.

Here’s what you can expect from this great app:

  • Keep a current account for each and every property with all of the contact information for your tenant including the term of their lease, how many people reside at the property, the amount of rent, parking, and pet fees they pay, and even a copy of their lease at your fingertips.
  • Keep track of payments, deposits, account balance, rent due date, and even expenses for the property like repairs and utility payments. You can view these reports right on your phone or tablet and even share them with your accountant through email.
  • Get daily reminders on your phone of your landlord duties like collecting rent for properties that are due, calling a contractor for a repair, paying expenses like utility bills, and renewal upcoming leases before the due date. Using your device’s camera, you can take photos of utility bills and repair estimates to keep them easily accessible in the app for each property.
  • Manage warranties and safety regulations right in the app. You can save warranty information for property appliances, keep track of appliance maintenance details, and maintain safety checks for smoke and CO detectors. The app will remind you when safety checks are due or warranties are expiring.
  • Get your property financial report at your fingertips to review your total income and expenses for the month for both individual properties and all of your properties combined. You can easily print or email this information along with any related documents to your accountant.
  • Text or email receipts, invoices, and reminders to your tenants right from the app. No need to login to your email.
  • No need to be in the office, Landlordy lets you manage your properties from anywhere, even while you’re on vacation.
  • Landlordy is simple and very user-friendly, you can set up your first property and start generating reports in just a few minutes. If you run into any problems or have any questions, their customer support is there to help.
  • Landlordy even provides a special in-app keyboard for simple calculations and turns your camera into a special document camera for black and white photos of all documents.

Currently, Landlordy is only available for iPhone and iPad. It’s free to get started and test it out with your first property. If you like it, you can unlock the full-version for a one-time purchase price of $39.99 to allow you unlimited properties and tenants, customization, and exporting your files to Dropbox for backup.

If you manage rental properties, Landlordy will help you be more organized and save you time and money. It’s well worth the purchase price.

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