Jerry Seinfeld’s Net Worth Tops $1 Billion

Over two decades after the finale aired, Seinfeld remains one of the most popular sitcoms, making its star, Jerry Seinfeld, a newly confirmed billionaire, Bloomberg reported. 

Syndication deals are half responsible for Seinfeld’s net worth 

The stand-up comedian who co-created Seinfeld gained around $465 million from syndication deals, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index reported. He also has a $94 Netflix deal, a $40 million apartment in NYC, and a Hamptons property. 

Seinfeld also gathered a nice sum from his stand-up shows 

The Long Island native, who will turn 70 this year, started touring in the 1980s. He’s scheduled to appear at the 2024 Netflix Is a Joke Fest iteration. Bloomberg assessed that Seinfeld’s touring brought him around $100 million. 

Seinfeld’s success

The hit sitcom co-created by Larry David began in 1989 and ended in 1998 following 180 episodes. The New York Times noted in 1998 that Turner Broadcasting spent over $1 million per episode to air Seinfeld reruns. What Bloomberg did not include in the equation was the collection of vintage cars the comedian showed in his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series. 

The vintage car collection 

The website HotCars found that his 1969 Porsche 917K Kurzheck is worth around $20 million.  In 2016, he also bought a 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder for $5 million. It’s one of 75 the luxury German automaker ever made.

Is Seinfeld really a billionaire? 

Despite Bloomberg’s detailed breakdown of Jerry Seinfeld’s deals, his representative told the outlet that their reporting was inaccurate. Yet, they offered no further explanation. The actor is likely close to being a billionaire, even if he hasn’t hit that magic number yet.

The first TV actor to get $1 million

During the final season of the hit sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld became the first television actor ever to get $1 million per episode. With 24 episodes, he gathered $24 million or $13,000 per line, according to CNBC. Overall, the show led to Seinfeld pocketing  $60 million.

Knowing when to end 

Despite being offered more than $100 million for another season of Seinfeld, the comedian turned it down. In a June 2013 interview on the Howard Stern Show, he explained that it was about timing and honoring fans with a great ending.  

Seinfeld talks about the money 

The comedian, who graduated from Queens College, famously said that while he likes money, it was never about it for him. He also joked that money is the only thing separating us from animals, and that’s why people don’t turn down money. 

Family man 

The comedian married Jessica Seinfeld in 1999. The family is private, especially compared to Hollywood standards. The comedian’s three children work primarily behind the scenes while finishing the prestigious Duke University. 

The new movie will be out in May 

The Brooklyn-born comedian, writer, and producer have directed a movie Unfrosted, the Pop-Tart Story, set to be released in May on Netflix. The comedy-drama features performances from Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, Hugh Grant, and numerous other big acting names. 

Seinfeld and David are working on something series-related 

In October 2023, Jerry Seinfeld revealed that he and co-creator David were working on something concerning the sitcom’s finale. He did not give any further updates, but the comedian did not offer any timeline, just a teaser that put Seinfeld fans into a frenzy. The revelation came during his stand-up performance with the Boston audience. 

What about Larry David’s fortune?

While Seinfeld is already or close to becoming a billionaire, Larry David’s net worth is estimated at between $400 million and $450 million. David had massive success with Curb Your Enthusiasm, but according to rumors, he lost half of his wealth during a divorce in the mid-2000s. 

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