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Lack of Sleep Kills Your Libido

hours-of-sleep-857957_640Americans are constantly pressed for time. We work all day, run errands at night, and manage family related matters at the end of the night when we get home. Sleep is one of the cornerstone actions that help people function well and stay healthy.

Some affects of lack of sleep include the following:  impaired ability to think and reason. Sometimes you’re just too tired to think clearly and may find yourself speaking incoherently, unable to follow the conversation that you’re in, forgetting information, or just confused in general.

Being tired can also endanger your life. Driving while drowsy is dangerous. If you’re ability to communicate is affected in a negative way then driving is a much riskier proposition. According to over 100,000 car accidents a year are caused by sleep deprivation.

Lack of sleep may also be caused by a medical conditions such as sleep apnea which causes people to stop breathing briefly numerous times throughout the night. If you’re sensing that you may have a medical condition go to the doctor immediately.

Perhaps one of the most troubling outcomes of sleep deprivation is its affect on people’s libido. Lack of sleep affects your hormone levels and as a result of that affect individuals may experience a drop in sexual desire.

Fortunately, there are a number of easy to use strategies that people can undertake to increase their sleep quality and hopefully increase mental clarity, be safe on the roads, and of course, increase their libidos.

First, talk to your doctor and see if a sleep study is appropriate for your situation. Sleep studies are helpful because they can determine if you have an undiagnosed medical condition. People involved in sleep studies are obviously under the observation of medical personnel over night or over a series of nights. Based on the observations and data collected a course of action will be recommend to the patient.

Second, spend some time looking at your weekly schedule. Are you overscheduled? Are you driving everywhere? Do you need help with managing your children’s or spouse’s schedule? If you sense that you’re overscheduled but aren’t truly aware of how overscheduled you are this is a great assessment tool for you.

Is your room filled with too much light once you go to bed? Most people have gadgets that are plugged in in their bedroom. If you have alarm clocks, your cell phone, or if your internet router is in your bedroom and something on it is illuminated, then you may need to cover that gadget or move it so that you can’t see the light.

Perhaps there is something in your diet that is affecting your ability to sleep deeply? It has been shown that having a drink before bed can disrupt your sleep.

Taking these steps will help people gain control of their sleep, identify sleep related problems, and hopefully increase your libido. There is an epidemic of sleeplessness happening across America, are you tired? If so, follow the steps stated before and regain your energy-and libido soon.

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