4 Last Minute Cheap Travel Tips


If you need a break from your daily routine or if everything around you is getting on your nerves it may be time to take a last minute trip.  A lot of people say it’s very expensive to travel last minute and this can be true if you’re trying to travel for convenience and if you’re dead set on the travel details.

I usually only plan one big trip per year and the other weekend getaways or day trips I take are completely spontaneous.  Whenever I feel like the weight of the world is getting too heavy on my shoulders I pack a bag and getaway.  The best part is that I do it on the cheap.

Here are four last minute cheap travel tips:

Forget about booking a flight

Airlines completely take advantage of last minute travellers.  Mostly because when people travel last minute it’s for an emergency and they really have no other choice so airlines jack up the prices.  Consider more budget-friendly travel options such as taking the bus or train.

I absolutely love taking Amtrak because it lets travellers see the country without having to worry about paying attention to the road and other drivers.  Greyhound is my least favorite method of transport, but it’s my most used because it’s the cheapest.  Travelling overnight will make the bus ride bearable because you get on, go to sleep and wake up at your destination.  It’s perfect.

Don’t be set on your destination

We all have our favorite places to travel, but sometimes trying a new destination can result in saving money.  Of course we all know that New York City is my vacation spot preference, however if going to another city such as Boston or Philadelphia saves me money then I’m open to options.

Search travel websites such as Priceline or Expedia to compare hotel prices in your top three cities of choice.  Then compare the cost of transportation and the cheapest overall travel cost is where you should go.  It’s that easy.

Be flexible on the times and dates

You may be surprised at the price difference between a stay from Friday to Sunday and a stay from Sunday to Tuesday.  Weekend stays are usually more expensive because that’s when people are free to travel without taking any time off work.

If you can be flexible on your travel dates it can end up saving you money.  You know my motto: Every dollar saved on hotels and transportation is a dollar that can be spent on food and shopping.

Bring a friend

This is a definitely a last minute cheap travel tip, but it rarely happens to me.  I work alone and am therefore free to travel upon my manager’s approval.  My friends aren’t so lucky.  They usually need to give 30 days notice for any vacation requests in order to make sure their duties are covered and no other team mates are on vacation at the same time.

When you bring a friend along on your weekend road trip you just cut your cost in half.  If you bring two friends then your cost is cut down to one third of the original price.  Now that’s smart travelling.

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