Little “luxuries” it’s OK to splurge on

frugality, splurging, luxuries, treating yourself, happiness doublers, worth the cost, worth the expense, treating yourselfI’m all about being financially responsible. It’s one of the reasons I was so excited to have the chance to take over writing for B&B. I know money is one of the key topics this blog has featured, and I love talking about that.

But one thing I don’t love is when people let money take over their lives.

The way I see it, if you handle your finances responsibly, you should be able to treat yourself once in a while. In fact, you really should, because being too strict about anything will only make you miserable. And money does have the power to make you happier…if you manage it right.

Which is why there are some things I’m willing to “splurge” on a little:

My luxuries

Organic produce (especially locally grown). It tastes so much better, it’s better for us, plus I love knowing I’m helping out local farmers.

Gifts. While we do have a budget for things like birthday and Christmas gifts, if I find something I know the person I’m buying for will absolutely love, I’m OK paying a little more for it. There’s nothing like the feeling of giving someone the perfect present and seeing their reaction when they open it.

Dog treats. Big Dog and Little Dog are my children right now, and I love them to pieces. I also spoil them to pieces, so when I buy treats for them, I try to make sure they’re healthier and have benefits like keeping their teeth clean or giving them extra nutrients.

Clothes. I’m not a fashionista. I tend to like simple, basic pieces I can mix up with new accessories to fit each season. So when I buy those basic pieces (like black pants for work or a button-down that goes with anything), I like to buy things that are good quality and I know will last.

I’ve had the same coat from Banana Republic since college, and I still love it. It’s just warm enough without being too warm, it’s fitting for work and for the weekends, and every winter I get a fun new hat, scarf, and gloves to make it feel “new” again. It’s still in great condition, and every winter I get compliments on it.

Massages. I’m a worrywart (I can’t help it!), so getting an every-other-week massage is a huge help for me…for my mental and my physical health. My masseuse is always amazed at how much tension I carry in my shoulders and my neck, and whenever I skip a massage, I can feel it. I get tension headaches that make my whole day yucky.

And, thanks to the dozens of deal sites I belong to, I happened to get my first two massages at this spa for half-price…and I’m still getting them at the same price! Partly I think it’s because the owner (my masseuse) likes me (we have a lot in common), and partly I think it’s because I recommend her to everyone I can think of and have gotten her lots of new customers. Either way, even at half-price, massages aren’t cheap, but I wouldn’t miss mine for the world anymore.

What luxuries do you make exceptions for?






  • My little luxuries are clothes, gifts and stationary. I have learned the hard way not to cheap out on clothes, specially shoes! I am the same way about gifts; if I find the right one, I will get it! I send a lot of cards and letters, so I appreciate beautiful stationary and go through a lot of it.

    I’ve realized recently that I have been so focused on saving that I don’t spend much at all on anything fun/entertaining, so I am trying to find a better balance. 🙂

    • I have a friend who is in LOVE with stationary (and journals, and scrapbooks). She’s made me appreciate how beautiful they can really be, and for her they are definitely worth the splurge. (She writes a LOT.)

      Fun and entertaining are (for me, anyway) also worth the splurge. They take your mind off the stress of budgeting and saving, and studies show that connecting with people can do all sorts of good things for you…relieve your stress, give you a support network, etc. Definitely try to make some time for yourself to connect with the people who are important to you.

      Perhaps I will do a post on cheap ways to entertain…You’ve given me an idea! 🙂

  • Another great post em! I am finding that as im getting older, my list of must-have splurges is getting shorter and shorter…the priorities must be kicking in! Before i was always splurging on the trendiest clothes and shoes, buying the “in” colours of eyeshadows/lipgloss, fancy purses etc. But i am slowly making a conscious effort to buy classic and high quality pieces which is so much easier on my wallet and lasts in quality and style!! Also with gifts, if i come across something that i know a friend/family member will love i pick it up right away even if their birthday is months away 🙂 It makes things easier instead of scrambling last minute and having no idea what to buy!

    Being more financially conscious has really curbed my impulsive spending…when it comes to splurging i have a better idea of what i cant compromise on and set aside a certain amount each month on “splurges”. If its something that i must have and i run out of “splurge money”, i wait till next month…it keeps my priorities in check and keeps me from impulsive spending 🙂

    • I do the same thing with gifts! I have a closet shelf full of birthday/Christmas gifts I’ve already bought because they were too perfect to pass up. Plus, that means less I have to spend at the holidays–I’ve already got 1/2 my shopping done, so I don’t get hit with nearly so big an expense!

      I like the idea of setting aside specific “splurge money.” That’s a great way to treat yourself while still making sure you’re sticking to your monthly budget. I may need to start doing that myself!

  • I live a very modest and frugal life. The one thing that I really do go all out with is vacations. Traveling in one of my passions and have no problem spending the money to see the world, stay at nice hotels and eat amazing food.

    • That sounds lovely, Sean! I spent a little time in Europe when I was younger, and I can agree that the experience of seeing the world is so worth the expense. There are some experiences that are really worth every penny. What a great thing to “splurge” on!

  • Happy Hour. I recently got a small raise and when I told hubby his comment was “That’s 2 trips to our favorite watering hole each week!”
    Is it more cost effective to enjoy a nice bottle of wine or a good martini at home? Of course – but the enjoyment that I get out of meeting a couple of friends out and about is something I think is really worth it.

    • I love going out too. Getting dressed up for my weekly Date Nights with The Hubby is one of the highlights of my week. Same for my regular girls’ nights out. Having special time with the important people in your life (and not having to cook!) are totally worth the extra cost, in my book.

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