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How to Make a Thousand Dollars in One Day:

You need money, and you need it fast. How can you make a grand in just one short day? Good news- it has been done! Here are a few easy ways you can make a large sum of money in a day’s work.


With a successful blog, you bring on plenty of subscribers and gain significant advertisements. You would be shocked at how much money blogging can bring in. However, an unsuccessful blog is not going to bring in the bread. If you want to earn a grand, you’re going to need to know what you are doing in the blogging world.

Tips to Make Money Fast When Starting off Blogging

  • Choose a niche: Every good blog aims at a particular topic, whether it be cooking, cleaning, relationships, financial advice, or any other specific subject. Make it personal; what are you an expert in or very passionate about? What could you regularly write about? Give it thought and pick a niche that will fit you, bring in subscribers, and be profitable.
  • Set up Your Blog Well: Set yourself up for success by choosing your domain through Bluehost and setting up your blog with WordPress. Taking the time to organize things correctly now will be a huge help in the future.
  • Become Subscriber friendly: It’s great for someone to read your blog, but it’s even better if they choose to subscribe. Make that an easy and natural next step for your readers! Set up an opt-in box or pop-up that allows them to easily sign up when they enjoy what they are reading.
  • Upload Solid Content: Go ahead and upload a handful of solid, interesting blogs. Remember to stay true to your niche, and to really spend the time to make these first few blogs fascinating and stimulating.
  • Build relationships with other bloggers: If another successful blogger mentions you, tons of subscribers will head your way. Reach out to bloggers you may know or admire with similar niches.
  • Build up an Email List: No matter how you choose to do this, (consider Convert Kit) make sure that you are taking care of setting this up right away. This is one more way to set yourself up for success as you progress with your blog.


Do you, like many others, have tons of unused furniture and items lying around your house or in storage? You would be surprised at how much you could sell in a day on Craigslist. List the couch setting in your garage, the PlayStation2 that you never play, and the fine china that you thought for some reason you were eventually going to actually use. All this will begin to add up quickly, and you may reach that thousand-dollar mark much more rapidly than you imagined.

Go Door-to-Door

Everyone has odd jobs that they need taken care of. Susan next door may need her kids taken to school each day this week, Bobby may need the lawn to be mowed and weeded, and I bet Jimmy would be willing to pay you a large sum to clean out his incredibly messy garage. If you only make $700 selling the couch on Craigslist, go do a couple errands for neighbors to make the rest quickly. Hard work pays off!

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