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Make Your Kid Feel Like A Million Bucks for Prom Without Spending a Million

Whether prom is a month or a year away, if you have a teenager, this major event will inevitably happen. When it does, chances are your kid will be looking to you to foot the bill. While you don’t want to make them feel cheap or have a bad time, you probably don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for them to enjoy the night like a superstar either, especially with college right around the corner.

I’m JJ’s House designer, Jessica, and I specialize in all types of special events. I’m here to share some brilliant ways to make your kid feel like a million bucks for prom without actually spending a million. From the prom dress to the ride to dinner, there are plenty of money-saving hacks you can use to save big bucks without compromising on your child’s style or self-esteem.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget isn’t just a way for you to make it clear how much money can be spent on the festivities, it’s also an excellent way to teach your kid to be responsible and understand the value of money. Sit down with your teen and lay out everything the budget amount needs to cover. If you take the total budget and break it down into a bunch of little budgets for each aspect, such as the dress, accessories, transportation, dinner, etc., you’ll be setting some clear guidelines and won’t be surprised by a massive bill.

Shop Smart

Forget about designer brand labels. Prom dresses 2019 are all about keeping it classy, crafty and cheap. What’s even more impressive than spending too much money on a fancy designer dress? Spending next to nothing on a dress that looks good enough to be worn on a runway, of course. If you have a crafty kid, help them design their own dress that they can be proud to wear. Otherwise, look into all your options. There are many online retail shops that sell high-quality, tailor-made dresses with excellent deals and discounts. You can also consider buying second-hand or renting.

Prepare a Photo Shoot

Instead of forking over big bucks for a professional photographer, prepare your own photo shoot. Make it look professional with backdrops, or scout out an excellent location and play the part of pro photographer while your teen and his or her date and friends feel like models. In today’s technological world, it isn’t even necessary to have fancy equipment. All you really need is a decent camera (which can be found on most smartphones) and maybe some photo editing apps to produce high-quality, pro-level prints.

Do Dinner at Home

A great way to save hundreds of dollars on a food bill and really make your kid feel like a million bucks is to set up a five-star-quality dinner party at home. Set the scene with dim lighting or use the back yard to set up some fairy lights and tiki torches for a cozy and intimate setting. Your kid can impress all his or her friends with a home-cooked meal in an atmosphere that beats out the best restaurants in town.

So, there you have it. Some fool-proof ways to save loads of money while making your kid feel like a million bucks for prom.

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