Meditation 101 for Beginners

The space between your ears is often both loud and busy as it juggles the many thoughts, emotions, and memories that fill your head on a deadly basis. Meditation is a mental technique that will allow you to focus your thoughts in a way that will allow you to experience more peace and increase your self-awareness. Individuals who are new to meditation can benefit from the following tips to help them get off to a good start.

Comfort First

Many guides providing an introduction to meditation will suggest you begin by finding a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed while practicing your meditation technique. The next thing you should do is find the meditation posture that is best suited to you. It does not make much difference whether you sit on a bench, chair, or floor. However, you should keep your back as straight as possible without too much rigidity. Remember to relax.

Focus on Breathing

Meditation can be as simple as focusing on your own breath. Allow your breathing to flow naturally and do not force or alter it. Focus your attention on the depth and rhythm of your respiration.

Your mind may wander a bit while focusing on your breath. Allow the fleeting thoughts to pass and return your thoughts to your breathing, which is the current object of your meditation. Your mind will wander less as meditation becomes more of a routine for you. You will also notice a calmer rhythm to your breath.

Experience the Present

Allow your mind to survey the feel of your body. Do you feel tension in one or more parts of your body? If so, you have the power to either simply observe these areas of your body or provide them with permission to loosen up.

Some traditions teach individuals new to meditation to keep their eyes closed during the process. However, other practitioners feel that half-opened eyes fixed in a downward motion and directly in front of you will encourage alertness.

Pay close attention to the things you hear and the sensations that flow through your body. Sit in stillness and observe each of the thoughts that enter your mind. Learn to stay present without attaching a judgment to what you feel.

Don’t Fret Too Much About Procedure

Many people spend a lot of time concerned with things like how they will sit or what cushion they will use to meditate. While these things are important, it is more important that you simply get started. Sit wherever you feel comfortable in the beginning, you can optimize the experience at a later date.

Know Yourself

Meditation is not only about learning to focus your attention. You will also learn a lot pertaining to the workings of your own mind. You will gain a much greater understanding of yourself after a few sessions of letting your mind wander, as well as be better at dealing with difficult emotions.

Final Thoughts

Meditation is not always easy but new practitioners possess a chance to positively affect their own lives.

As you gain more experience with meditation, you will begin to notice you are just as self-aware in your normal life as you are while meditating. The five tips above will provide a solid foundation for individuals who are new to meditation get started along a path that can provide positive benefits for the rest of their lives.

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