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Money Robot Review: Is It a Scam?

money robot review

The goal of any company, blogger or media outlet is to rank on the first page of Google search. The more people who see your content, the more money you can make, right. This desire has spawned a new industry of companies and individuals like Money Robot, promising to rank your website high for the keyword connected to your business. Here’s our short review on Money Robot.

What Is Money Robot?

Money Robot generated buzz when it debuted because the company claimed to have a full-proof technique to get a blog or website ranked on the first page using SEO submission techniques. Some of the buzz has died down, and it’s difficult to find a lot of credible information on the company. Here’s what we found. Note: We did not use Money Robot, and this review is based on research.

Money Robot’s Own Google Ranking and Reviews

When we searched for “SEO software” Money Robot did not rank on the first ten pages. It does rank number 5 on the first page of Google when you type in “SEO submitter.” We also scoured reputable magazines like PC Mag for their recommendations for SEO software. Money Robot is not on anyone’s top 10 or even top 25 lists. We found some positive reviews of the software, but the reviews were sparse. On the other hand, we found very few negative reviews.

Social Media Presence

Money Robot does have a LinkedIn page with one follower. You will find a Facebook group with about 7,700 people. You have to join the group to see the posts. However, the indication on the group page is the postings are current.

Since Money Robot offers an affiliate program, most of the Twitter pages appear to be affiliate marketers hoping to make a sale. The company itself did not appear to have a page.

The Money Robot Website

Money Robot’s website is a bit crowded and offers no information as to who is the owner of the company. A link will take you to a company called Softtech. No owners are listed on this site, but the company boasts of several other platforms it owns. The “About Us” page only indicates it was created in 2002. Most companies have more information about the owners and their backgrounds.

The website does have an active forum. Users share tips not only about Money Robot but about other issues as well.

Is Money Robot a Scam?

You will find many companies promising to get you to the top of the search engine rankings. Is Money Robot a scam? It’s hard to tell because there just isn’t a lot of information available about the company. The truth is, you can find a lot of information on the subject online, as well as hundreds of well-known companies offering the same promises. If you are a blogger or business owner wanting information on how to make your site rank higher in the search engines, consider a company like Moz. Founded in 2004, Moz not only offers SEO software but it is a leader in the industry. Moz also lists recommendations of other SEO companies. Money Robot is not one of them.

Have you tried Money Robot? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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