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Most Successful Zodiac Signs: Were You Born to Succeed or Doomed to Fail?

Just as the stars guide us in all aspects of our lives, they help us capitalize on our strengths to achieve our own ideas of success. Whether that means being the fastest, smartest, or most successful zodiac sign, your horoscope plays a part in determining what you’ll achieve in life.

So, what is the best zodiac sign? Well, we’d be wrong to say that any zodiac sign is the best at everything. All signs have their own individual abilities which make them successful in different ways.

But, if we’re putting a dollar amount on success, here are the 12 signs of the zodiac ranked from the most to the least likely to get rich, as well as their unique strengths for success.

The Hard-Working One: Virgo

Rather than relying on lucky breaks or crazy schemes, it’s sheer hard work and determination that makes Virgo the sign that’s most likely to get rich.

Virgos set goals to achieve them, putting in maximum effort for maximum results every time. They thrive on envisioning success and making it happen, and would never entertain the idea of coasting along for an easy life.

The Perceptive One: Scorpio

Second up on the zodiac signs rich list is Scorpio, which also happens to be the most common zodiac sign in the US.

Although they don’t have the same work ethic as Virgos, Scorpios have the perceptive smarts to assess and understand the world like no other sign. But as well as the analytic skills to achieve success, they also have an intuitive insight into the human psyche that keeps them tuned in to what people want.

The Charismatic One: Leo

Of all the zodiac signs, Leos are the most likely to get famous, which is often their ticket to riches too.

With the energy and charisma to take on the world and get what they want, Leos make great entertainers. Many Leos also succeed as admirable leaders who can bring out the best in anyone. And, thanks to their love of the spotlight and their natural charm, Leos ensure that when they talk, people listen.

The Shrewd One: Taurus

Next up on our list of the most successful zodiac signs is Taurus, whose natural money-managing skills ensure they rank high for material wealth.

Shrewd and intuitive when it comes to dollars and cents, Taureans make great accountants, investors, and financial advisors. And, they’re conservative enough to ensure that they never waste anyone’s time or money.

The Determined One: Capricorn

Like Virgos, Capricorns are achievement-focused, with a determination that drives them to chase the most prestigious positions, and often a bigger paycheck.

But, while they like to succeed on merit, they tend to prefer a clear path to promotion. As such, they’re more likely to climb the corporate ladder than be entrepreneurs, which might explain why Capricorn is the zodiac sign with the fewest billionaires in the top 250 list.

The Ambitious One: Aries

With stamina, drive, and ambition by the bucket-load, Aries gets an A for effort every time.

That said, their tendency to question authority makes them better suited to managerial positions or starting enterprises on their own. And, while their instincts can end up making them a lot of money, their lack of fear sometimes proves risky in the business world, leaving them around mid-table on this zodiac sign rich list.

The Smart One: Aquarius

If you’re curious to know which zodiac sign is the smartest, here’s your answer. Aquarius is often called the smartest zodiac sign because Aquarians have high IQs and capacity for logical thinking.

But Aquarians are also highly adaptable, meaning they can often handle anything thrown their way. As such, they often find success in diverse fields and excel at anything they put their mind to.

The Adventurous One: Sagittarius

While Sagittarius celebrities like Jay-Z, Jimi Hendrix, and Miley Cyrus might suggest otherwise, those born under this star sign don’t tend to achieve as much material wealth as many other signs.

Part of this may be due to Sagittarius’ love of freedom and adventure, combined with a strong resistance against restrictions, rules, and traditions. As such, they like to define success in their own terms, preferring to pursue their passions as managers and company owners.

The Nurturing One: Cancer

Full of insight, it’s second nature for Cancer to connect with the hearts and minds of others.

As such, they thrive in any kind of nurturing role, including chefs running their own restaurants or heads of charitable organizations. And, while they might not be among the richest signs, Cancerians pour love and emotion into all their endeavors.

The Imaginative One: Pisces

Full of imagination, creativity, and wonder, Pisces often make great artists, musicians, and writers.

And, although Pisces is towards the end of this zodiac rich list, they make up 22 of the world’s top 250 billionaires. So, it seems that, far from being childlike dreamers, Pisces’ creativity and imagination can often be key ingredients for creating a successful business.

The Artistic One: Libra

While this list might suggest that Libra isn’t one of the most successful zodiac signs when it comes to making money, most of the world’s top 250 billionaires are Libras.

In the wider world, however, Libras tend to reject big business in favor of artistic pursuits such as acting, film-making, and music. And, although this can bring them success and money, their preference for harmony and balance often means that they lack the hunger for fame that Leos have.

The Eloquent One: Gemini

Articulate and intelligent, Geminis make excellent teachers, public speakers, and translators.

And, while these roles may not offer them a quick path to riches, their eloquence and skills of persuasion often ensure that they achieve a great deal of success across all areas of their lives.

Are You the Most Successful Zodiac Sign?

While yours might not be the most successful zodiac sign on this rich list, it’s clear that every sign has its own unique strengths and abilities.

And, being aware of how astrology plays a role in your own success story can help guide you to achieve greater things.

For more ways to capitalize on your zodiac sign’s strengths, get inspired by our posts on personal growth!

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