Save Time and Money by Traveling Light

Are you a chronic over-packer?

If your overnight bags are packed to the point of nearly bursting, you may be an over-packer. And if you find you always have to check a bag for a trip that is three days or longer, you might also fall into this category.

Many over-packers claim they want to be prepared for any type of occasion or weather situation that arises. Unfortunately, this means they typically don’t use most of what they bring.

You can save time and money by traveling lighter. Here’s how.

Traveling light: Avoid checking a bag

The most obvious expense associated with over-packing is checked bag fees on airlines.

While some airlines still offer a free checked bag, most charge for it. The cost of a checked bag can cost you an additional $25 to $60. And if you over-pack your checked bag and it goes over the weight limit, you’ll be hit with some more serious fees.

Plus, when you check a bag, you have to pick it up at baggage claim. This can add an extra half hour easily to your trip. Who likes to spend time waiting for their bag when they arrive at their destination?

Avoid checking a bag if possible. Instead, pack everything you need into a carry-on.

Limit shopping before a trip

Do you find yourself shopping for last-minute clothing items before a trip?

Not only do shopping trips add extra costs, they can also easily lead to over-packing. You want to include all of the new clothes in your suitcase, as well as your tried and true clothing.

Before you run to the store to do last-minute shopping, look around in your closet. You’ll likely find you have plenty that can already work.

Pack neutrals

Neutrals are king when packing for a trip.

Why? Because they all go together.

Pack simple clothes that can easily mix-and-match and layer. You’ll be amazed at how many outfits you can come up with this way.

Some key items to consider packing:

  • Black jeans
  • Denim jacket
  • Black sundress (can dress up or down)
  • White shirts
  • Comfortable black flats

Skip souvenirs

Another plus of traveling light? You’ll have less extra space to bring souvenirs home.

Souvenirs can add extra costs to your trip. When you have extra space in your suitcase, you may be tempted to purchase things you really don’t need.

Instead of buying souvenirs, make sure you take a lot of pictures. Memories matter most, anyway.

Use public transportation

When you’re overloaded with bags, you really have no choice but to pay for a taxi or other private transportation.

On the other hand, when you practice traveling lighter, you can utilize public transportation without having to lug your bags around. A bus ticket is considerably cheaper than a private taxi.

Or, you can always opt to walk! Not only is walking free, but it’s a great way to explore the city you’re visiting.

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