Should Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Be on Your Renovation To-Do List? These 3 Signs May Give You Your Answer

When you’re in the thick of a renovation project, it can be hard to step back and figure out which processes make sense to use where.

Nowhere is this more true than in the cabinet refacing vs cabinet replacing decision that every homeowner has to make during a kitchen renovation.

Just like the name suggests, cabinet refacing is when you replace the cabinet doors and possibly change the color or apply a new finish. In other words, you’re changing the “face” of your cabinet without replacing the whole thing. 

Should you make cabinet refacing a part of your battle plan? Could this be your ticket to a slightly lower renovation bill?

Here are 3 signs that your kitchen might be a prime candidate for cabinet refacing. 

1. You’re Not Making Any Structural Changes To Your Kitchen

If you can’t go past the kitchen without fantasizing about how much better it would be to put the stove where the sink is and vice versa, it’s safe to say that your interior decorating dreams go beyond a quick paint job.

For that level of change, you probably don’t have a choice besides tearing it up and installing new cabinets.

If all you’re doing is looking for a way to transform the look of your cabinets, however, cabinet refacing is a quicker and less intensive way to accomplish your renovation goals.

2. The Cabinet Frame Is In Good Shape

Although the National Association of Home Buyers and the Bank of America have said that kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years, it’s possible for the frame, or the outer part of the cabinet, to show serious signs of warping or mold damage. And once that happens, you really can’t just replace the doors and call it a day.

If you’re wondering if your cabinets are a borderline case, there are companies like Sam’s Club out there helping homeowners get free cabinet refacing consultations from experienced professionals. 

However, in the event that your cabinet frames are fine and the changes you want are largely cosmetic, refacing could be a renovation option that’s well worth your time explore. 

3. You Want The Project Done Faster

Let’s face facts.

Kitchen renovations can be really disruptive.

According to a ReportLinker survey, 98% of Americans have a preference for homecooked meals. Dealing with an unusable kitchen or making arrangements to stay with friends or family during a renovation can be difficult.

Cabinet refacing can often be done faster than cabinet replacing because it doesn’t take as much time to change up doors and possibly do a paint job. This combination of high-impact kitchen transformation and speedier turnarounds makes cabinet refacing a practical option for many homeowners.


For some people, the words “kitchen cabinet renovation” conjure up images of an endless parade of workers bringing equipment and cabinets in and out of the front door.

Although there are times when a kitchen cabinet needs to be out-and-out replaced, cabinet refacing gives homeowners another option. The next time you sit down to figure out what kind of kitchen cabinet renovations you’re doing, you can’t go wrong asking yourself if cabinet refacing should be on the table. 

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