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Sleeping With Your Significant Other: Some Of The Best Mattress For Couples In 2019

What if the worst part of sleeping with your partner was the actual sleeping?

Even the best couples can suffer from sleepless nights when they are on an uncomfortable mattress. And a bad bed can make the two of you feel really cramped and uncomfortable.

However, the right mattress can make sure that your “happily ever after” involves lots of quality sleep.

Wondering what the best mattress for couples really is? Keep reading to discover the answer!


A relationship is all about bringing two worlds together and creating something new. What better way to symbolize that than with a double “Helix?”

Helix specializes in hybrid mattresses that have varying degrees of thickness. This allows people to choose from different options based on factors such as their weight and their favorite sleeping positions.

What if the two of you have different preferences? Simple: get one of the dual-firmness mattresses so that each of you can get the sleep that you need.


People don’t always know what makes the best couples beds, but it’s easy to figure out what you hate. For instance, some beds offer poor support and leave you waking up with varying aches and pains.

Casper is on a one-company mission to end that pain. Their beds offer special support in the areas where your body needs it the most. That means no more waking up in pain.

The company’s other claim to fame is their special bounce support. It’s very easy to get out of this bed without disturbing your partner, making it a great bed for couples.


“Nectar” is a word that makes us think of the gods. And that’s fitting because the Nectar mattresses are a way to enjoy some heavenly comfort!

This company took one look at the idea of memory foam mattresses and decided to take that concept to the next level. That’s why they created a mattress where every single part makes you sink deeper into comfort and support.

If it sounds like a lot of hype, you can actually try this mattress for a full year and then return it if you don’t like the experience. That kind of reassurance will help any couple sleep better.


According to Eric Clapton, “Layla” is charming enough to bring people to their knees. And we think Layla mattresses might just have the same effect!

As a company, Layla understands that no company’s mattress preferences are permanent. You might want firmer support one year and softer support next year.

Their mattresses have different firmness levels on each side, meaning that you can change how it sleeps by simply flipping the mattress. This means it also makes a great bed for a guest bedroom, allowing you to shift to accommodate different guest preferences.

WinkBeds Plus

Sometimes, the annoying thing about mattress shopping is that the mattresses aren’t made with you in mind. For instance, heavier sleepers often have trouble finding a mattress that offers both comfort and support.

WinkBeds Plus, however, is the solution to that problem. These mattresses are designed to be especially sturdy, ensuring that heavier-set couples aren’t having to buy a new mattress every two years.

That sturdiness doesn’t come at the expense of comfort, though. These mattresses are designed to give couples the best night of sleep they’ve had in a long time!


DreamCloud offers the kind of comfort that previously seemed impossible. Specifically, they offer a spring mattress that doesn’t move around a lot as the sleepers move.

Those spring coils offer a lot of support for various activities while also making sure that your night’s sleep is restful and relaxing. That’s because the coils offer special spinal support to help align your body as you sleep!

If these features don’t already make this one of the best couples beds, the edge support means that you can enjoy the entire surface of the mattress. This adds value to what is already a great couples purchase.

Loom & Leaf

Sometimes, the main thing keeping you from sleeping well is the temperature. When the nights are hot, some mattresses can make you feel stuffy and overheated as you try to sleep.

Loom & Leaf changes that by providing an organic cotton cover that keeps you cool and mellow as you sleep. And the memory foam design will ensure that sleep is nice and comfortable.

One of our favorite features is that the memory foam is more responsive than most. This means you get both the firmness you need and the comfort you want, all in one mattress.

Saatva Mattress

Couples sleeping can sometimes be annoying if one partner gets up more often than the other. This can wake someone from a sound sleep and really ruin a relationship over time.

Saatva understands this and has decided to create an innerspring mattress that minimizes motion transfer. If you get up, they don’t feel it. And if they get up, you can enjoy your good night’s sleep!

These mattresses are also available in very large sizes. If you and your partner are trying to decide between a California King mattress or an “Eastern” King mattress, you can click here for a great guide!


Sometimes, couples think they’ve tried all the different “comfort” mattresses out there. And if the two of you have been unimpressed, it may be time to sleep with a transformer.

No, we’re not talking about cuddling Optimus Prime. Instead, we’re talking about Luxi and their 3-in-1 transforming mattress.

The bed provides three different settings (Soft, Medium, and Firm) and multiple levels for each setting. The end result is a bed that lets the happy couple find a setting that makes them even happier.

If you need a little help finding the best setting, don’t be afraid to consult with Luxi directly!

Best Mattress For Couples: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to pick the best mattress for couples. But do you know where to get more great dish for your relationship?

Here at Blonde & Balanced, we help you find balance when it comes to health, money, and overall life. Come check out our latest articles today to stay in the loop!

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