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The Ultimate Moving Checklist For Her

Moving, alongside a sinus infection and waiting too long to get your roots touched up, is on my top ten least favorite things. Between organizing your belongings, packing them, transporting them from point A to point B, and then unpacking and organizing, moving is a frustrating and time-sucking task. That’s why I decided to come up with the ultimate moving checklist for her—and if you’re a guy, don’t worry, most of the items on the list will work for you too. 

Before jump-starting on the moving process, use some of these tips and tricks to get yourself up and out without losing a single thing (chapstick included!). 


Out With the Old

Inarguably, the first part of your moving checklist should be to get rid of all of those items that you just don’t use anymore. Start with the clothes and donate, sell, or throw out all of those items that never fit too well or you’re just never going to wear again—hint, that set that you thought was trendy but is more Count Dracula than Wynona Ryder. 

After ridding yourself of old clothes, purge knick-knacks, house decor, beauty products, and kitchenware. The rule of thumb is that if it’s way past its prime or new and never will be used, it should be gone. The fewer belongings you have to move, the easier the process will be. 


Organize, organize, organize

Start the process of organizing by dividing up your belongings into categories like clothes, bags, decorations, bedding, shoes, cleaning products…you get the picture. Then, begin to divide your items up into said categories and place them into labeled boxes—bonus points if you color coordinate. 

By taking the time to organize instead of simply packing away your things and hoping for the best, you lessen the risk of losing belongings as well as minimizing how frustrating it will be trying to unpack and reorganize. Trust me when I say that organizing is key.


Prepare for the New Space

Chances are, you’re not moving into a place that has an identical floorplan to your current living situation. If you’re moving into a new house, make sure to prepare for just that. Does this new space have more bathrooms but less overall storage space? Are the size of the new windows larger? Are the floors carpeted or hardwood? 

Take these questions into consideration first when you’re decluttering and then again when you’re shopping for the new home. Some of the many things to consider include cleaning products, rugs, curtains, shower curtains, light bulbs, rugs, and storage essentials.


Look into Hiring Movers

Depending on the amount of heavy furniture you have and the distance you need to go, you may not need to hire the professionals. However, if you do decide to, do your research beforehand. Use the internet to find reputable companies and also don’t be afraid to shop around for quotes. Moving can also become expensive, be prudent with who you go with.

Don’t need a team of movers? See if any friends or family own a pickup truck. Trust me, your SUV might seem roomy most of the time, but lugging a bed and mattress across town in it might not work out in your favor.

I hope you found this post informative. Moving doesn’t have to be a huge burden, especially if you’re patient, organized, and strategic. Be sure to check back to Blonde & Balanced for future posts to help you make your life much more manageable! 

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