Things You Need For Your Summer Vacation

summer vacationSummer is here and it’s time to start planning your summer vacation.  Whether you’re jet-setting off to Europe or hitting the road for a local trip there are a few things you’ll need to keep you safe and organized while enjoying your time away.

Here are five must haves for your summer vacation:

A backpack

It may not be stylish, but it’s much cuter than a fanny pack – remember those?  I actually heard they’re making a comeback.  I know that carrying a backpack around all day may not be the most glamorous solution, but it’s extremely practical and more comfortable than a shoulder bag.

I used to walk around New York City for days with a purse and it was a huge hassle.  Not only is a purse very small and can’t hold a lot of items, it also doesn’t leave my hands free for eating, shopping and taking photos.  BF suggested that I take a backpack when I left for my last trip and I’ll never travel again without it.

Comfortable walking shoes

OK OK I know we all want to look cute while on vacation, but wearing high heels while exploring a city or spending a day at the beach isn’t realistic.  Let’s be honest you can’t walk around and see the sights if your feet are sore from shoes.

If you’re planning a night out during your summer vacation bring high heels in your luggage, but during the day and while traveling count on wearing flip flops, ballerina flats or running shoes.  Also remember that Dr. Scholls are your best friend.

Suntan lotion

Oh good Lord if you take one piece of advice from this post it’s to remember to bring suntan lotion on your next trip and apply it several times throughout the day.  Not tanning oil, but real SPF suntan lotion.  A summer vacation is the perfect time to work on your tan, but that doesn’t mean you have to get skin cancer while doing it.

Last year I spent a day at Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York and sprayed myself before I left in the morning.  After a day of splashing around in the water up to my knees (remember the movie Jaws? It was filmed in New York) I came home with a sunburn and couldn’t understand why.  It was because my lotion came off in the water and I didn’t reapply.  Big mistake.

Travel insurance

Whether you’re heading overseas or over to the next state you should probably buy travel insurance.  You may be covered with your credit card or through your employer benefits, but somehow, some way you should buy travel insurance.

Although we plan to have fun and stay safe while on summer vacation we just never know what can happen.  Travel insurance ensures you have access to doctors and medical treatment while away from home.  It also helps refund some (or all) of the expenses associated with medications, doctor’s visits and procedures while in a different state or country.  It doesn’t cost too much and it will be worth it in the end.

A data roaming plan

Have you ever gone on summer vacation and come home with a $300 cell phone bill?  I have.  It’s a good idea to contact your cell phone provider before you leave to find the best plan for your needs.  Sometimes calls and texts just aren’t enough.  If you’re lost and need Google Maps or want to find a good local restaurant on Yelp having data while travelling abroad can be very helpful.

A couple of months ago I was in Boston and got lost trying to find the closest Barnes & Noble (paperbacks are cheaper in the U.S. than in Canada and they get released a lot sooner).  I stopped a woman on the street to ask for directions and her response was “Look it up on your phone.”  I just smiled and walked away, but I guess I should have just said “I can’t because I’m Canadian and forgot to buy a data roaming plan.”

What’s your must have while on summer vacation?

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  • The data plan is a great reminder. I always use way more data when I travel. Luckily, I am on Verizon’s network and they only charge a $10 per gig overage fee. This was a good deal for me – at one point, I cancelled my home internet ($50/month) and just paid a $10 overage fee for data on my phone! I went to my friend’s house to steal internet when I needed it 🙂 great post!

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