Top 6 Foods to Take on a Camping Trip

Whether you’re hiking through the forest or visiting roadside attractions in the state of Florida, for some the best part of any vacation is camping. This isn’t camping out in an RV or camping out at the nearest hotel with an indoor pool and furnished blow dryers. This is camping in a tent out in the wild and just enjoying being one on one with nature. The only thing better than roughing it is the food that you eat when you do. Just in case this is your first camping trip, you can read on below for a few of the best foods to take with you.


Whether it’s for chili, soups, stews or just to heat up cowboy style, beans, such as garbanzo beans are the perfect food to take along on a camping trip. You can even put these types of beans in your salads and other favorite foods, whether you’re camping or at home.

Dehydrated Foods 

There are going to be days during your trip where you don’t catch a good amount of fish for dinner or when you just want something easy to heat up, but nourishing for the family at the same time. That’s where dehydrated foods come in. From beef stroganoff to breakfast skillets, there are plenty of dehydrated food kits to choose from. All you need is a few of your favorites, a pot, a campfire, and a hearty appetite.


The reason why you should bring a case of Pringles on any camping trip is pretty self-explanatory. They’re easy to keep fresh because they come in a canister with a lid. You don’t have to worry about them tipping over, because they aren’t in a bag and you don’t have to worry about them being eaten by raccoons and attracting other animals to your campsite because of the smell. Besides, these chips are easy to eat and easy to share as well.

Frozen Bacon

Many bacon lovers don’t realize that there are a few scientifically based health benefits of bacon in moderation. This means that you don’t have to feel guilty about taking a few packs of frozen bacon on your weekend camping trip. Keep them in a cooler of ice, so that they take a long time to defrost. This way, you’ll have bacon for breakfast on at least three mornings of your camping trip.

Trail Mix, Bars, and Nuts

No one is going to want to cook all the time, so snacking on trail mixes, bars, and nuts can be a healthy way to keep kids and adults alike happy and content between meals. You can buy bags of trail mix at any store or, if you’re looking to be a little healthier with your choices, make your own, bag it up and take it along for the ride. After all, who wouldn’t love a handful of chocolate chips, nuts, and their favorite dried fruit for a snack between meals?

Instant Coffee and Tea Bags

Many campers can’t wake up or go to sleep without their morning mug of coffee or an evening cup of their favorite herbal tea. While instant coffee might not be your normal choice for a cup of Joe, it’s better over a campfire for sure and will get you going in the mornings as well.

These are just a few of the best foods to take on a camping trip with you. From beans to bacon and from trail mix to coffee and tea, these are the foods needed to make your camping trip a royal success.

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