Top Tips: Traveling Solo around Canada

If you have never traveled solo before, you will probably be feeling a mixture of two things: excitement and anxiety. While going on such an adventure is exhilarating in the sense that you are entering the unknown with the hope of visiting new places and meeting people, it can also be scary as you’re not quite sure what to expect.

With that in mind, choosing Canada as a first-time solo venture is a safe bet. Not only are most tourist areas safe, but the country also has a healthy reputation for being warm and friendly on the whole. However there are still tips to take into consideration when traveling solo around Canada, and some of the big ones are highlighted in the below article.

Plan out your itinerary

Before going on any type of vacation, it is always strongly recommended that you plan out everything in advance. This is even more imperative if you’re going it alone, as you will no doubt want to cram in as much as possible during your voyage.

As a result, draw up a map, pick every place that you wish to visit, and go from there. At this point, it is a case of searching for travel and accommodation, and matching up the dots for the most efficient – and cost-effective – itinerary.

Choose reputable accommodation

When going on a solo adventure, meeting people is one of the most important components of the process. One of the easiest ways of doing this is by going with a hostel. A hostel is also, conveniently, the cheapest standard method of accommodation. Sadly going with a hostel does come with drawbacks (can be noisy, lack of privacy and features etc.), so read reviews and go with a reputable option to lessen these negatives if possible.

If hostels are not your thing – don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to meet people as pointed out in the following points – self-catering accommodation is one of the best choices available. Check out this site for a popular example, but essentially self-catering provides you with a lot of privacy and freedom at a competitive price – you can relax when you want to relax, you have the option to cook instead of eating out, and there’s no need to worry about a roommate’s overly loud snoring keeping you up at night. Find like-minded fellow travelers and split the price if nessercary.

Go on a tour

A tour is recommended for a number of reasons. One, you might see a side of a city that you previously didn’t realize. Two, you are receiving facts and knowledge from a local expert. Three, you have the opportunity to interact and even make friends with those that are also on the tour.

There’s also plenty of free walking tours across Canada, so there’s no excuse for not going on one.

Organize a meet with others online

Another way of meeting and socializing with like-minded people is by organizing a group meet. With online tools like Meetup, it is simple to interact online with local people and then do something together – whether that’s going to see a show or sampling a local restaurant. Although, do note: you will achieve most success with this tip when staying in the larger cities that Canada has to offer. Smaller areas might be light on users to interact with.

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