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Trading Frugality For Comfort

About two months ago when I started studying for my first CPA test, I immediately had problems sleeping.  I’m guessing my brain had not been so stimulated since college!  I thought it would get better after my test, but last night was the worst night yet! I didn’t fall asleep until 3am! Yikes!

I find that I really sleep much better when it’s FREEZING cold in my apartment.  I just can’t sleep when I’m hot and it doesn’t help that Lloyd has the internal body temperature of a freaking firepit (seriously, what is with men?).

I used to be fairly frugal with my thermostat…trying to keep it just a tad below comfortable to save a couple bucks.  Last summer, I probably kept my thermostat around 75 degrees.

Lately, at night, I’ve been switching it down to 67-69 degrees!  However, I really do find that it helps me sleep better.

I was thinking on the way home today about how nervous I am to see my electricity bill next month.

But what’s more important – sleep or saving a couple bucks per month?  This time I choose SLEEP.

Sweet dreams!

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