Weekend Getaways Are The Best

G and I went on a little getaway this past weekend.  We have been killing ourselves with social activities (both of us), wedding planning (mostly me, but some for him), family stuff (both), church classes (me), work (both), freelancing (me), working out (both), coaching (him), and just life in general (both).

One of G’s credit cards rewards him with points at Marriott hotels.  It works out great because we always have 5 or 6 nights available to spend – for free – at any Marriott hotel in the country.  (Side note: I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to hotels – I try not to picture the last person that drooled on the pillow – but the Marriotts I’ve come across have always been pretty nice.)

G couldn’t go too far since he had to coach basketball this weekend, so we decided to go as far away as we could – Lawrence, Kansas!  Weeeeee!

Lawrence is a fun little college town about 45 minutes west of Kansas City.  I absolutely adore this little town.  It’s home to the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!).  I actually didn’t attend KU, but I was born and raised a KU fan.  Some of my friends and family live in Lawrence, so with that, and going to a couple KU games every year, we get to Lawrence quite a bit.

We only had one thing on our agenda this weekend: NOTHING.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Oh my gosh, I was stoked.

We did all the things that we love to do on real vacations:

  • went out to eat way too many times
  • drank beer and wine at any time of the day.  (In fact, if you were at Free State Brewery at any time between 1pm and 5pm last Saturday you would have seen me at the end of the bar drinking their delicious, fresh brewery beer.  It was beer-gasmic if I do say so myself.)
  • drank way too many free cups of (decaf) coffee from the hotel bar
  • Two words: FRO. YO.
  • got our sweat on in the hotel gym (working out is so much more enjoyable when you’re not in a hurry)
  • watched the KU game (see, I had a reason for spending 4 hours at a bar during daytime hours)
  • meandered through the fun, quirky stores that are sprinkled through downtown Lawrence
  • got our pray on at the campus Catholic church (always love a change in church scenery)
  • ate sushi late at night
  • watched free HBO
  • read, relaxed, chilled.  No rushing, no working, no plans, no stress!

We didn’t spend much more cash on eating out than we would have spent here in the city (gotta love college town prices!) and we came away rejuvenated, ready to get back to reality, and enjoy out last 3 months of engaged-ness.

A short, nearby weekend getaway was the best medicine!

Do you go on weekend getaways?  If so, WHERE?


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  • Ah, Lawrence! I got to spend some time there at a football game in the fall – I was impressed with the town and had a great time. It’s a really cool place (although I’d have to disagree on the “little” part – it’s bigger than my town. Also, kudos to you on the free state brewery – they had really good beer. If you’re looking for another getaway in kansas, try Hays – they have an amazing brewery there, although it’s about 1.5 hours from Lawrence.

  • My wife and I went to palm springs last year in February. We stay at a hotel that we pricelined. Palm springs is only two hours away so it was a quick drive and a very enjoyable get a way. This year we chose our family trip to Tahoe. GETAWAYS are so refreshing and the change of scenery is definitely needed every once in awhile. It is also a good thing for your marriage. It allows the two of you to reconnect with each other.

  • “I try not to picture the last person that drooled on the pillow – but the Marriotts I’ve come across have always been pretty nice.”

    That just means they’ve succeeded in tricking you. People that drool will drool no matter where they sleep.

  • My wife surprised me for my birthday by taking me to San Francisco (we live in Los Angeles). Another time, she surprised me by taking me to a B & B in Santa Barbara. Surprises is not normal for us, so it made it more special!

  • We just went on one too! About 2 weeks ago i think. It was about a 3 hour drive to Santa Maria, California, a cute little central coast wine country town. It was SO NICE to break up the routine and really spend some quality time together!

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