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Why I Pay $200 a Month for Specialty Fitness Classes

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Why I Pay $200 a Month for Specialty Fitness Classes

While there are dozens of options for at-home workouts, sometimes, nothing can beat going to fitness classes. At the beginning of COVID, I streamed a ton of at-home workouts through various apps. And while they were an amazing and affordable way to get my body moving, I found I was quickly fatiguing of all of the screen time, plus never having an excuse to leave home.

And now that my fitness studio is partially open (and following all state COVID protocol for fitness centers), I have found myself taking full advantage. The downfall – my studio costs around $200 a month.

After a few months of at-home workouts, at first, I had a hard time justifying spending $200 a month on my fitness instead of $20. However, in the end, I decided my pricey fitness studio is totally worth the cost. Here’s why.


It Reminds Me I Value Fitness

Instead of getting hung up on the price of my fitness studio, I remind myself that I value fitness.

Nothing is more important to me than my health. And I will happily pay for a luxury fitness studio that is conveniently located, has amazing instructors, and is a workout I enjoy.

When I was working out at home, it felt like another thing on my to-do list. I didn’t feel like I was valuing my fitness enough because I wasn’t truly enjoying my at-home workouts. Paying for an expensive fitness membership reminds me and the universe of what I value most.


It Forces Me to Go

Secondly, what I love the most about the pricey fitness studio is I am financially motivated. By chalking up $200 every month, I force myself to go!

When I was only paying $20 for at-home workouts, I found it all too easy to skip days. If I only worked out twice in a month, I still felt like I was getting my money’s worth! Now that I’m paying a lot more money for my fitness routine, I am even more committed to going.


Working Out With Other Committed People is Motivating

The ability to work out with other people is a huge reason why I love in-person fitness classes. In fact, there are even a ton of health benefits of working out in a crowd!

I find it’s easy to let myself slide when I am working out alone. On the other hand, working out with other people is ultra motivating. You can see just how hard people are pushing themselves, and in turn, I push myself even more.

Plus, workout classes are a great way to meet new people who have similar interests as you!

I Simply Enjoy It!

And lastly, I simply enjoy my fitness studio. Particularly now, while we are still under partial quarantine, I’ve found it to be a great outlet and a wonderful way to reduce my stress and get out of the house. If it can fit in your budget, why not pay for things you use, value, and enjoy?

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