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Workin’ On My Fitness Weekly: July 12, 2011

The Hubs and I are headed to an out-of-town pool party this weekend hosted by one of his college fraternity brothers.

It’s an annual thing and always a lot of fun.  It’s actually the only pool party we’re ever invited to which is kind of a bummer since I love pool parties!

But, of course, along with pool parties comes that whole wearing-a-bikini-in-front-of-people-you-know thing.  I haven’t donned my two-piece since our honeymoon.  I’m a lot paler these days, but I’ve been keeping up with my workouts.  But G and I have been eating and drinking a lot more, too, so I’m a couple pounds up from my wedding weight.  I’m not too worried about it.  I’m a lot happier than I was before the wedding, so I’ll take a couple pounds if it means happiness. 😉

In other workout news, G and I have both been running outside a lot this summer and it occurred to me this week that we only have a couple more months to enjoy running outside.  (Running inside bores me to tears!)  Come November, we will be stuck inside until at least February.  That makes me enjoy outdoor runs that much more!

I’ve also been taking TONS of gym classes.  I love classes!  I kind of got out of the habit for awhile, but am happy I got back into it.  Classes work muscle groups that you would never normally work on your own and they usually push you harder than you would on your own.  Andddd there is always someone interesting to watch in classes.  Ya know?! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Do you like working out outside or inside?

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  • You need a good TV show to watch during your indoor workouts. The only thing that motivates me to regularly workout inside (as opposed to hiking in the woods near my home during the summer) is a great tv show on my DVR.

  • I’m like you, and I love to be active outdoors. Even watch the TV at the gym or bring my iPod with great music, it still seems so boring on a treadmill; like I’m a hamster on a wheel. I will be glad when the hot Texas heat goes away but I’ll be sad I can’t workout outside more often.

  • Youtube has some amazing workout videos, especially for pilates and yoga. I really like “Pop Pilates”, and I know a lot of people are big fans of “Body Rock Tv”. May come in handy for those winter months where you want to work out but don’t exactly want to go outside =)

  • I actually don’t mind working out inside. I live right downtown, so it’s almost impossible to run without bumping into someone. Each of our workout machines have TVs, so I love running inside in the morning because I could watch my early morning shows.

  • I think every girl on this planet has some kind of a problem with wearing a bikini in front of other people, I hate it. I dob’t have a problem with my body or anything like that, I just have a problem with a bikini, it just feels as if I am naked and everyone is staring. Makes me very uneasy.
    I love working out inside, outside is way too hot. But in the winter outside is great.

  • Good for you. I do think exercise is a habit. But once you do it for a few weeks then its easy to do it constantly. 🙂

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