Would you ever go on a reality TV show?

Reality TV

Good morning Loves.  I have a personal confession: I am obsessed with reality TV.  I know what some of you are thinking…”Oh me too! ” But some others are probably thinking…”TK couldn’t you be doing something more productive with your time?”  The answer is obviously yes, I could be working and making more money or I could be working out and losing weight, but I can’t help it I’m addicted to reality TV.  I love watching the real housewives spend their money, I love watching contestants eat rice for 40 days for $1 million and I can’t get enough of those $500,000 Head of Household competitions.

Are you a reality TV junkie like me?

I can’t really explain why I love watching reality TV.  My addiction started many years ago with Survivor.  Then I got hooked on Big Brother during their third season and now I watch several (but not all) of The Real Housewives.   There is something about watching rich women wearing $10,000 gowns get in fights that is so appealing.

Sometimes I think my life is like reality TV.  Remember last year when my co-worker lashed out and called me a bad name that rhymes with putt?  I swear at that particular moment I was thinking “WOW this would make really good TV” because things like that just can’t be scripted.

Would your life make good reality TV?

Would you ever (or have you ever) applied to be on a reality TV show?  If so please share.  I love watching the mishaps of peoples lives, but I don’t think I could do it – not well anyways.  I always wonder what makes people want to be on a reality TV show and I honestly think the answer is simple…money.

I have to admit the chance to win $1 million by living on a secluded island for 40 days is very tempting. Part of me thinks “Just man up TK it’s only 40 days.”  However another part of me thinks that it has to take a physical, mental and emotional toll on my body.

If you are a fan of Survivor like I am you may remember Shane Powers from Survivor Panama.  He had a complete breakdown in his psyche and created a Blackberry out of a piece of wood.  He had such a hard time adjusting to life without his normal routine that he actually went a bit crazy.  And you know what? I completely understand.  I think I would lose it without the comforts of my daily routine.

Which reality TV show would you go on?

If you had the chance to go on Big Brother or Survivor which one would it be?  I think that I would go on Big Brother because at least you get to live in a house and eat food purchased from the grocery store.   Castaways on Survivor have to sleep on the ground in a manmade shelter and eat food off the land – that’s rough.

Of course Survivor has the added benefit of getting to travel and see a new part of the world whereas Big Brother is filmed in L.A.  However  we have to ask ourselves if the need to live like a primate is really worth the travel perks?

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