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Would you ever regret spending $100?


Good morning Loves.  Just take  a minute to think about that question.  Usually I would never spend $100 in one shot on anything – except my weekly groceries.  To be honest the only things I can think of in my life that would require me to spend $100 in one shot are concert tickets and travel.

What do you spend $100 on?

I recently spent a long weekend in NYC because I just needed to get out of my depressing routine and take a break from everything.  The best part is that I did it for real cheap.  When I say cheap I’m not kidding, the total trip cost $500 thanks to a discount on my car rental and a discount hotel room from Priceline.

I was leaving on Thursday after work and on the Tuesday before I had lunch with my friend.  She explained that she was going through a tough time and didn’t know how to deal with it.  I suggested she should get away for the weekend and offered for her to join me in NYC.

Would you ever regret spending money?

She said the thought was tempting, but just couldn’t afford it right now.  I thought to myself maybe she didn’t have $250 to spend right now and that’s OK so I told her it would cost anything more than one nights hotel stay – $100.  I thought that was a very generous offer on my part, but considering I would have had to pay the entire bill myself, getting $100 back is not so bad.

After thinking about it she still declined and  I understood.  However at the same time I don’t think I would ever regret spending $100 on something that would make myself feel better.  Especially if that something was New York City.

Money is all relative

I know that $100 might not seem like a lot of money to some people and to some others it is.  Money and its value are all relative.  I guess it depends on how badly you want something and that decides if you’re willing to spend the money.

As I said $100 is a lot of money for me in my everyday life, but if it’s the one thing standing in between my current frazzled state and my mental happiness I will absolutely spend it.

There are a few things I never regret spending money on: a vacation, food, something that makes me happy and anything that keeps me clean or warm and my belly full.  With that being said I absolutely hate wasting money on anything.  This includes food that tastes awful, travel accommodations that suck and paying full price for something that goes on sale later.

Do you ever regret spending money?

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