You Know You're In A Nerdy Personal Finance Relationship When…

…you geek out over checking your credit scores together for the first time.

About a week ago, I saw an article in the NY Times about certain financial things you should do as a couple before getting too serious…and checking your credit report together was one of them.

I can’t believe we’ve never done this together!  So, sometime this weekend, we plan to sit down and have our first “credit report date”.  *sigh* After 3 years, there are still so many firsts to experience. 😉

Do you ever have any geeky personal finance moments with your significant other?


  • Aww, I think I might make that a date night for BF and I!

    The BF and I are crazy about stocks. We try to talk before the market opens and after the close. There are other conversations about other things, but that’s as close as we get to personal finance. Right now, what’s mine is mine. Maybe later on down the line, like after that credit report date night, we’ll look more in depth at our financials.

  • Will you please let us know who wins this battle and has the best score? 😉

    As for geeky relationship PF moments… we talk about grocery shopping and compare what we bought and how much each of our homemade meal costs us. 🙂 We’ve never compared credit scores though!

  • BF and I talk about our finances to some extent. We know where we stand, roughly, with credit scores, how much each of us makes, etc., and we’ve been speaking up more about times when things are tight for one or the both of us and we need to rein in our spending.

  • DH and I geek out monthly at our end-of-month finance review and next-month budget meeting…the best part of it is updating our snowball spreadsheet ( with our prior-month numbers and seeing the paid off dates roll backward in time! When we started, our pay-off date to be non-mortgage debt free was 2015, now we’re at March 2012. We might jump off the couch and do a little dance, but that would be embarassing so I’ll not tell you whether we do or do not do this.

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