10 Things Your Neighbors Would Likely Want You To Stop Doing

They say one should love thy neighbor, but sometimes they are insufferable. The problem is that none of us wants to admit we might be that annoying neighbor. You might feel like they hate you without any reason, but perhaps there are some things they find annoying that you are overlooking. 

Being “too friendly” 

There is a thin line between being welcoming and nosy. Generally, saying hello to your neighbor is enough, especially if they aren’t in the best mood. Trying to solve their problems by forcing them to open up is pushy. Similarly, you need to respect their space. Thinking that you can drop by anytime and for no reason is obnoxious. 

Respect other people’s boundaries, and let your neighbors know you can be helpful, but stop forcing them to be your friends. 

Throwing parties 

There is nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday or other significant date in your life. But you should notify your neighbors if you have big plans and respectfully move the party to some pub or a club to let people sleep. Partying loudly all night is disrespectful and stressful; if your neighbors call the police, they have every right to do so. 

Letting your kids and pets run around 

You might think, “But they are just kids,” but if they run around other people’s yards, with your dog following them, barking and destroying plants, or scaring neighbor’s cats, you will be met with plenty of angry stares. Your children and your pets should be in your yard. Otherwise, they are trespassing. For you, they are creatures you love the most, but for your neighbors, they might be pests. 

Gossiping about other neighbors

It is none of your business even if you saw something shady, like your next-door neighbor being too touchy-feely with an unknown lady. Spreading gossip will only make others wonder when you will turn on them. One could argue that you should go straight to the source, but it is always best to stay out of other people’s lives unless they ask differently. 

Asking for WiFi or streaming services’ passwords 

Some neighbors will welcome you by sharing their WiFi password while you settle in. But that is not a permanent solution. Sharing WiFi passwords or Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon accounts is rude and shows a lack of respect because you are asking your neighbors to pay for your entertainment. Unless there is an emergency, just pay for your own streaming services and internet access. 

Not taking care of your trash 

Letting your trash bags pile up is an eye-sore. If you need a spare trash bin, go and get it. Similarly, your bins should not stay on the street longer than needed if the trash day is on Monday. No one wants to see or, even worse, smell your garbage, so if your neighbors threaten to take legal action, that’s on you. 

Walking in wooden clogs 

If you live in a building, there are some rules you have to obey. For example, you should not wear footwear that could wake your downstairs neighbors. Similarly, it would be best not to let your kids run around screaming because all that noise can make your neighbor’s life miserable. 

Ignoring everyone 

Just like being overly nosy is wrong, ignoring your neighbors is not just rude. What if you have an emergency and need them? Or, what if they need you, but you are always so unwelcoming that they cannot rely on you even in an emergency? All it takes is one “Hello” or “How do you do?” to make yourself approachable while maintaining a respectful distance. 

Doing chores at strange hours 

Some rules must be established for a community to thrive, from moaning your lawn to vacuuming. While your neighbors will not appreciate overgrown lawns, they do not need to be rudely awakened on Sunday morning just because you decided 8 a.m. is the perfect time to do your chores. 

Walking with minimal clothing in your yard

Strolling in your briefs or tiny bikini is tacky. You might have the body of a supermodel, but unless you are on a beach, no one needs to see all your bits and pieces. It is distracting and annoying, and it can go against certain beliefs. Make a secluded spot to sunbathe instead of baring it all to neighbors, their guests, and passersby. 

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