11 Painfully Accurate Signs of American Tourists (According to Locals)

American tourists are easy to spot since they often stand out due to their outgoing personalities, big smiles, and even the tone of their voices. Some characteristics are uniquely American, and though strange, many are quite endearing. Here is what gives away American energy according to locals, and some of these signs are notoriously accurate. 


Americans are generally louder than any other nation in the world. Using so-called indoor voices is out of the realm of possibility, regardless if American tourists are visiting Rome’s Coliseum or the Taj Mahal. There is a reason why the stereotype of “loud American” was born. 


In some Asian countries, tipping is insulting. In Europe, servers don’t expect anything above 10 percent. But, American tourists give the mandatory 20 percent and then some. They are incredibly polite to servers, as noted by numerous servers from all around the globe. 

Pet obsessed

Americans are notorious for spoiling their pets, getting them the best outfits, and even building them homes inside their homes. Their love for animals is admirable but often can be perceived as outlandish. For example, celebrating your dog’s birthday with a cake, other dogs, family, and friends seems excessive to others, but for Americans, it is just another Tuesday. If a tourist jumps out and starts talking to your dog in a baby voice, you know they are American. 

Close and fast 

The US is not the largest country, but Americans sure sound like it. When you tell a US tourist that something is two hours away, they see it as being next door. The problem starts when you explain that most people go there on foot since Americans are used to getting everywhere by car. When Americans are forced to walk because that’s the best way to see new cities, they are extremely fast, perfectly reflecting the American lifestyle. 

Personal space

Compared to other nations, Americans have a less-than-ideal sense of personal space. While most other countries appear to respectfully ignore each other, Americans will welcome themselves into your space because that’s a friendly thing to do. Similarly, their conversation starters are vastly different. For example, one of the first questions from an American is related to work. That seems too personal in most countries, but for many Americans, it is part of their identity. 

Dressing down 

American tourists are typically dressed down, which is a stark contrast to how much pride some European or Asian cultures have in their dressing. For US tourists, it is about comfort over style and baseball caps. This casual approach to dressing is perceived as refreshing by some and insulting by others. Regardless, Americans do not obsess over clothes or fashion, though they tend to buy in bulk, even when shopping for clothes. 

Pearly Whites 

Unlike their outfits, Americans take great pride in showing off their Hollywood smiles, which are nothing like their outfits. One could argue there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you consider that the staple of the US humor lies in mocking Brits over their teeth. Some US-based researchers reported that 73 percent of people were likelier to trust a person with straight teeth and a pleasant smile than someone with a good car and a nice wardrobe. Some would say Americans are vain, others that Europeans are sloppy, but it is a cultural barrier that we have to agree to disagree. 

Language barrier 

If you ask an American tourist a simple question, “Where are you from?” the answer will be something like Missouri or New York. Some will even tell you the name of their hometown or city without mentioning that it is in the US. Somehow, they genuinely believe that the rest of the world knows US geography. Yet, regarding geography, Americans tend to be highly uneducated. 

Something old  

Since the US is a young nation, American tourists spotting a 200-year-old building is priceless. Naturally, they will loudly tell everyone in their proximity about the building’s beauty and repeat the process two blocks away when they see more of the same. Europe is filled with old buildings, and not everyone living in them appreciates their history. 

Disturbingly chatty 

Americans tend to be overly friendly and enthusiastic. While others barely say “hello” to their neighbors, US tourists cheerfully tell a stranger to have a good day or nod with a smile. It may look strange or raise concerns, but Americans are simply that friendly, and perhaps others should adopt more of their attitude toward others. 

Speak English

For some reason, Americans believe that everyone in the world speaks English. The irony is that most Americans never took a second language, so assuming that every person in Italy knows English is presumptuous. However, they also praise others once they realize they took time to study another language, which is common in most countries. 

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