16 Remote Entry-Level Jobs With Surprisingly Good Pay

Working remotely has become the new cool, especially since the pandemic made it a must-have for many. These gigs not only offer flexibility but can also fatten up your wallet, helping you escape the endless cycle of just getting by. So, if you’re seeking a career switch or just fancy working in your PJs, these are 2024’s top 16 entry-level remote jobs that pay surprisingly well.

IT Support Specialist

As an IT support specialist making $56,441, you are the backbone of technical operations. 

You set up computers, troubleshoot, and maintain systems, often working remotely, employing technology to connect and assist users anywhere.

Computer Programmer

With a bachelor’s and a flair for code, you can earn an impressive $93,000 annually. 

Holding a bachelor’s degree opens doors to the programming world, where your knack for crafting and refining software code is in high demand. Before you dive into remote coding gigs, make sure you’re versed in languages like C++ and Java. (Note: The field’s shrinking by 10%, but talent shines bright.)

Data Scientist

Transform chaos into a $100,910 paycheck. 

As a data scientist, you’re the alchemist of the digital age, turning raw data into golden insights for everything from algorithms to market research. 

Data Analyst

Bagging $80,109 annually, a data analyst turns complex data into actionable insights. 

Your role involves diving into data to unearth insights that inform decisions, often leveraging the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Social Media Manager

With a $57,123 average salary, you are the voice and strategist behind brand social media. 

Managing posts, cultivating followings, and analyzing marketing effectiveness, your role offers the flexibility to work remotely, shaping online presence with strategy and creativity.

Project Coordinator

Earning $53,967 a year, project coordinators lay the foundation for project success.

Working on logistics and coordination, your role offers a path to remote work and the opportunity to evolve into senior project management positions.


With $69,510 on average, you turn words into careers as a writer.  

Whether crafting stories or content, your ability to work from anywhere with internet makes writing an ideal remote career.


With $49,110 on average, your bilingual talents as an interpreter or translator are in high demand. As the world becomes more interconnected, your ability to facilitate communication is invaluable, especially remotely.

Web Developer

Web developers shape the internet’s structure and appearance and make an annual income of $81,754 in return. 

Designing, coding, and managing websites, your role is perfectly suited for remote work, allowing creativity to flourish from anywhere.

Accounting and Finance

Dive into the world of numbers and secure a cool $77,250 a year!

This field is hungry for talent, offering plenty of remote positions and opportunities to augment your income by playing the freelance game or decking out a home office.


At $57,194 a year, recruiters are key players in the employment game. 

Your job is to dig through resumes and conduct interviews to find the perfect candidates for job openings, after understanding a company’s needs directly from hiring managers.

Administrative Assistant

Medical administrative assistants, taking home $37,450 on average, are the backbone of executive efficiency. 

You manage communications, schedule appointments, and handle tasks, enabling leaders to focus on strategic decisions across diverse industries.

Customer Service Representative

With a yearly income of $36,920, you play a crucial role in problem-solving and customer support. 

You address technical issues, billing inquiries, and product concerns, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Account Manager

With a starting salary of $27,515, reaching up to an average of $88,779, account managers are cornerstone of client satisfaction. 

You maintain client relationships, provide technical support, and manage upselling, driving customer loyalty and brand success.

Research Assistant

Making between $41,662 and $61,100 annually, you support research efforts across various disciplines. 

Your tasks include data collection, analysis, and reporting, playing a key role in the development of academic, legal, or industry-specific knowledge.

Information Security Analyst

Earning an average of $102,600, information security analysts are digital defenders. 

You’re tasked with developing and implementing security protocols to protect against cyber threats, a role perfectly suited for remote work.

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