25 Easy Ways for a Happier Day Right Now

ColoursHappiness can come in the simplest of ways sometimes. Whether you’re having a sort of OK day, a blah day, or could just use an extra boost, here are 25 super-simple ways you can make your day just a little bit happier, right now:

1. Hug a loved one. (Extra points for cuddles.)
2. Get outside.
3. Get moving.
4. Smile. (It’s a total mind trick…“faking it” can actually make you feel happier!)
5. Laugh.
6. Treat yourself to a little luxury.
7. Phone a friend.
8. Pet a puppy (or a kitty).
9. Stretch.
10. Pretend to be 10 again…play with something, play on something, imagine.
11. Do something nice for a stranger.
12. Make a quick gratitude list.
13. Tidy something up.
14. Go through old photos.
15. Say “thank you.”
16. Listen to a song that always pumps you up. (Extra points for dancing.)
17. Sing along with a song in your car. (Also extra points for dancing.)
18. Surround yourself with a nice scent.
19. Take a power nap.
20. Visualize somewhere relaxing.
21. Dress up…even if you don’t have anywhere special to go.
22. Read a good book. (Extra points for a book on happiness.)
23. Make something.
24. Tackle something you’ve been putting off forever.
25. Breathe deeply.

What easy ways do you have to boost your happiness?





photo credit:   Camdiluv ♥


  • Get moving might be the best one on the list. When I go for a run in the morning it makes me feel so much more alive and there is a greater chance that the rest of the items on the list will then happen as well.

    • So true! Moving around always wakes me up, both mentally and physically. (And also perks me up emotionally.)

      Take care of yourself and your body, and you can take care of your whole day better, too! I so believe that.

  • I think number 11 is best. When you help people you don’t know – and who aren’t expecting it – you feel good all over. It also shows that you can live a simple life without the need to spend much money!

    Great list.


    • Exactly! Getting outside yourself and helping someone else gives you such a mood boost…and doing it for a stranger who isn’t expecting it just makes it that much sweeter!

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