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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Cellphone Bills

Save Money on Cellphone Bills

I’m the first to admit that I spend too much money on my cell phone. First of all, I’m an iPhone user, which means I spend a lot on the device itself. Then I go ahead and get the unlimited data and messaging, which is an added cost. Therefore, I’m certainly not saving as much as I could. However, when money gets tight, I do know how to save money on cellphone bills. Here are my five key tricks:

1. Call the Provider

This is the easiest, most straightforward way to save money on cellphone bills. Simply call the provider and let them know that you need to reduce your bill. Ask them what your options are. Sometimes they’re running a special that they can offer to you. Other times they may be able to make suggestions about switching plans or other ways to save money. It doesn’t hurt to ask. In fact, it often helps.

2. Bundle … Carefully

Many providers offer the opportunity to bundle your phone bill with other bills. For example, you might bundle your cable, Internet and phone service. If you’re already paying separately for all of these services, then you might be able to save money on your cellphone bill by bundling them all.

On the other hand, if you’re already bundling them then you may want to take the opposite approach. For example, if you cut the cord and give up cable, then you might eliminate that bill. Then you can pay your phone bill separately, which in some instances might be cheaper. Review all of your options.

3. Get on the Family Plan

I’m actually not on a family plan. However, I’m the only person I know who isn’t. My parents are on my brother’s plan. My sister and her partner share a plan. My partner is on his dad’s plan. You can easily reduce the cost of individual phone bills when you get on a good plan together with others.

4. See If Work Will Pay For It

Many companies pay their employee’s cell phone bills in full or in part. Ask your boss or HR department if that’s an option at your workplace. Consider asking for that as a perk during your next review. If you can get your company to foot the phone bill for you then you don’t have to pay that big cost anymore.

Just make sure that you know the rules. In some cases, companies limit what their employees can use their phones for. Therefore, you just want to double check that you’ll have the freedom you want when they’re paying the bill. Of course, you’ll also lose this perk if you move on from this job. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to save money on cellphone bills.

5. Make It Hard to Spend Money on Your Phone

I make it way too easy for myself to spend money on my phone. I’ve set up Apple Pay so I can double click to pay for things. I have apps for places like Amazon and Postmates. Everything autofills to make payments simple. Then there’s Venmo. Of course, changing this doesn’t reduce my phone bill itself. However, it can significantly reduce my overall spending when I make it just a little bit harder to spend money with my phone!

Other Helpful Tips

Some of the other most popular tips for saving money on your cell phone bill include:

  • Cancel the insurance. You probably don’t need it.
  • Pay for the data you’re using, not unlimited data.
  • Use WiFi instead of your cell signal to reduce data usage.
  • Sign up for automatic payments if that allows you to save money.
  • Switch carriers when you find a better deal.

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