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5 Natural Remedies to Keep Yourself Healthy

Natural remedies can contribute to good health when combined with traditional medical treatments. Many patients use food to help maintain their health, and natural remedies to keep teeth bacteria-free. Exercise and alternative practices like yoga, tai chi, and breathing are used to relieve stress and keep the body fit. When you use safer cleaning and personal products at home with fewer chemicals, this can improve your family’s overall health.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The food you eat can keep your teeth healthy and free of bacteria in your mouth. Cut down on the sugar in your diet. Sugar turns to acid, and too many of those sweet treats will erode your teeth. Drink less soda and fruit juices. Eat less bread and desserts. Drink water, flavored seltzers, or club soda without sugar and salt. This can help keep your mouth moist and produce saliva. When brushing your teeth, brushing your tongue removes bacteria and makes your breath fresher. About 35% of consumers have well-aligned teeth, in part because they go to the dentist regularly, visit an orthodontist to straighten their teeth and care for their teeth daily.

Eat Foods That Contribute to Good Health

Adding more fruit, vegetables, and berries to your diet is beneficial to your health. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, red leaf lettuce, and kale have vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that reduce your risk of disease. Green vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, and Swiss chard have Vitamin C and other vitamins that boost your immune system. You can use vegetables in meals as side dishes, salads, soups, and main entrees. Online you will find many vegetarian recipes sites with many different recipes to try. There are a variety of vegetables to choose from and many have several varieties to try. Eating fresh or frozen fruit with less sugar in moderation is a good habit to develop. Citrus fruits, berries, peaches, apples, apricots, and honeydew melon are good choices. They are low in calories and can help with weight loss. Add beans for protein to your diet, as they contain vitamins, and fiber, and have high nutritional value.

Practice Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing

An influx of stress can cause various illnesses. Finding ways to reduce stress contributes to overall good health. Breathing exercises have been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress when practiced regularly. Yoga and tai chi are excellent forms of exercise that increase mobility, reduce stress, and improve concentration. You will find videos online or classes you can take in your local community to learn these practices. Engaging in physical activity will benefit your overall physical and mental health. These relaxing forms of exercise can help you decompress after a long week.

Store Chemicals Safely Or Replace With Less Toxic Products

Many chemicals for cleaning your home are toxic and contribute to illness. The EPA maintains a list of 140 chemicals that, when stored in large quantities, require consumers to submit a risk management report. You can replace cleaning products like drain cleaner, oven cleaner, and general household cleaners with less toxic organic products that work just as well and do not have harmful chemicals. There are chemical-free brands of skin care products for men and women that are better for your health. Replacing toxic products with healthier choices is good for your family’s overall health and the environment.

Be Aware of How to Prevent Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionnaires’ disease is an infection that produces flu-like symptoms in people. It is transmitted through water that is contaminated with bacteria. Showers, fountains, whirlpools, and pools can be sources of infections if they are not properly maintained and cleaned. Between 8,000 to 18,00 people are hospitalized with Legionnaires’ disease yearly. Prevent the disease at home by flushing your pipes and water tanks regularly, having a water filter system installed, disinfecting shower heads and faucets when cleaning, and boiling tap water before drinking. When traveling in other countries, don’t drink tap water or beverages with ice. Buy bottled beverages and make sure the hotel or motel you stay at is rated high for sanitation.

Using these natural remedies can help you stay healthy in your daily life. Good health requires eating well, exercise, and cleaning. Taking care of your well-being is a vital part of self-care and feeling good about yourself!

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