5 Oddest Collectibles to Invest in 2022

Oddest Collectibles to Invest in 2022
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Oddest Collectibles to Invest in 2022

Many people enjoy collecting odd items. It’s fun to have a collection, because it gives you the chance to always be on the hunt for that item. Of course, collectibles also have a monetary value. Sometimes you can invest in something not just for fun but also for long-term profit. And sometimes those things are a bit weird. Here are five of the oddest collectibles to invest in 2022.

1. NFT Art

If you’re interested in art investing and/or cryptocurrency then you’ve probably seen a lot about this hot trend. An NFT is a non-fungible token that represents either a physical or digital object. It’s created using blockchain, which basically means that it’s a whole bunch of computer code. Artists are creating artworks, mostly digital, that you can purchase with cryptocurrency using the NFT system.

For example, remember the Nyan Cat? There are a million versions of it online. However, when the artists creates an NFT for it, that’s considered the “real” version. You can invest in that NFT. In other words, you can virtually collect the art piece and you “own” it even though it’s available all over the Internet. You can buy, sell, and trade NFTs using cryptocurrency. It’s one of the hottest oddest collectibles to invest in 2022.

2. Typewriters

According to Weekly View, typewriters have been trending as a hot collectible and will continue to do so in 2022. In particular, you want to look for typewriters from the 1950s and 1960s. Think Kerouac on the road. If you can find those in rare colors like turquoise or pink, then their value is significantly higher. Look for the brand names Olympia, Royal, Smith Corona, and Underwood. And, as with anything you collect, condition matters so check to make sure that the keys don’t stick and that there aren’t any obvious dings on the device.

3. Old West Items

If trends hold, then items associated with The Old West should do well as collectibles this year. In 2021, they did great. In particular, there were strong auction sales of Old West firearms, clothing from Hollywood’s Old Western films, and art depicting the Old West. Pieces that tell a story from that era sold best last year and should continue to do so in 2022.

4. Business Equipment to Lease

Finance Buzz explains that most businesses lease their equipment. This happens across different industries. There are groups of investors who purchase equipment specifically to lease it to those businesses. This can give you a steady stream of income along with unique equipment that could have additional value in the future.

5. Music Royalties

Whoever owns the right to a song gets money when that song is played. Whether it’s streamed or used in a TV commercial or played on American Idol, the person with the royalties makes money. So, if you think you can predict some of the best songs to come, then you might want to consider investing in music royalties. According to FinanceBuzz, you can do so through sites such as SongVest and ANote Music.

In years past, people might not have considered acquiring music royalties to be “collectibles.” However, in the age of NFT art, it makes perfect sense, right?

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