5 Tips to Help You Find the Best Place to Stay on Vacation

With summer approaching, the travel season is on. One of the most exciting things about traveling is finding a new place to stay. When finding a place, consider the city, the length of the trip, and the type of accommodation you want. Ensure the most comfortable stay possible by using the following tips.

1. Stick With Reviewed Places

Maybe you found an amazing place that looks great in the photos, but no reviews are available. It’s best to err on the side of caution and pick a spot listing as many reviews as possible. The reality is most rental owners and hotels aren’t going to tell you the truth about issues in their accommodations. You’ll often have to learn from candid reviews by people who stayed there previously.

2. Understand the Climate

Climate can change drastically, even within the same country. Before you pack your bags and head to your new travel destination, familiarize yourself with what the climate is like. For example, is it a place with lots of flash rain storms or hurricanes? Hurricane Harvey caused as much as $125 billion in damage in Houston, TX, a Gulf city where hurricane storms frequently hit. Is the weather hot and dry? If so, bring light clothes and sunscreen. Is it a place like Vietnam, that has a rainy season for several months? Pack those rain boots.

Climate can also affect the design of your accommodation. For example, if you’d like to have balconies and swimming pool access, an arid or tropical location will often have that. Do you love a cozy log cabin and fireplace any time of year, plan a trip to the mountains.

3. Consider Design Features

If you don’t plan on being inside your accommodations too often, you may just want a place to sleep and not care about the overall design. However, the interior design of your accommodations can make you feel more at ease and rest better, especially with a king bed, plush couches, and colorful rugs. You may also be encouraged to save money by avoiding eating out every day and cooking a few meals where you’re at if you have a stacked kitchen.

What about the color? Does the space appear open and airy with white paint or dull and drab with dark wallpaper? According to Benjamin Moore, white is one of the most popular interior paint colors, creating a bright, fresh look. So make sure you look at those photos closely before booking.

4. Research Local Pests

Unfortunately, you can find pests anywhere on the globe. According to Consumer Affairs, the top three annoying critters to Americans include termites, mosquitoes, and ticks. Of course, in other countries, that may change. If you go to Southeast Asia, don’t be surprised if you see tiny lizards inside your accommodation. What you call a cockroach is called a waterbug in other places and is often larger than what you may see in the United States. Places like Australia are known for having many snakes, especially in the bush regions.

5. Google the Neighborhood

When you travel to new accommodation, you should also consider the general area you’ll be staying in. At some point, you’ll have to leave and return to your accommodation to get food, do local excursions, or just walk around. Even if your new digs look great in the photos, your neighborhood may not be so nice. Try to Google the area and find out what you can about the general location and see if user reviews give you any info as well.

Local and foreign travel is a great time to recharge and see new places. By using the above tips, you’ll be on your way to finding the right accommodations for you.

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