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A Modern Look at the Dental Industry

Over the years, the dental industry has changed. While the majority of adults see their doctors for a yearly check-up, sometimes the dentist falls into the category of something cosmetic and unnecessary, rather than something that affects their health. According to Brightside Dental, 12% of people between the ages of 20 and 64 have gone 5 years or more without a dental check-up.

When picking a dentist, there are several different factors that need to be considered. Not all dentists are equal, finding the right dentist to meet your needs can make a world of difference when it comes to service and pricing.


Finding a Dentist that Meets Your Needs

There are plenty of dental offices out there to choose from, so what sets them apart? According to Professional Practice Sales, the majority of sales are made within 150 days of the dental office listing their services. The key to a dental office becoming successful comes down to several different factors.

The office and advertising itself have a big impact on drawing in potential customers. When people look for a dentist, they are looking for somewhere that is hygienic and welcoming. As dentists are working with tools in their mouths, appearances matter. Advertising and marketing can also set dental offices apart from other practices. Putting in an effort shows that there is not only care for the patients but also that the dental practice is willing to engage and be transparent with their patients.

The staff and wait times also have a large impact on the likelihood of patients returning to their practice. A dental office can be welcoming on the outside, but if the staff is unfriendly, the experience will be soured for patients. Additionally, people don’t like to wait. Offices that have longer wait times give off the impression that the office is inefficient.


Educating Patients

Patient education is key. Having doctors that keep their patients informed about what they are doing and why provides a sense of security. The dentist’s office is often a stressful place for most people to visit. Having a dentist that makes the whole process less daunting tends to have loyal patients that continue to return.


Dental Care Has an Impact on Your Overall Health

While some people may view the dental industry as insignificant when it comes to overall health, that isn’t the case. Poor dental hygiene can impact many different areas of the body besides just the mouth. Proper dental health can prevent serious illnesses down the line.

Bruising and flossing after eating prevent plaque and bacteria from forming between your teeth. Bacteria that are stuck between your teeth can not only lead to cavities but can also cause gum and mouth diseases. Proper brushing habits are important. According to Scott Udoff Dentistry, when brushing, the toothbrush should be held at a 45-degree angle. According to dentists, this is to get all food particles out of the gum line. It is more effective than brushing straight across.


New Practices and Technologies
The dental industry is continuing to develop. Unlike dental offices in the past, there are new technologies that can make dental surgeries, corrections, and examinations more effective and efficient. It is becoming easier to identify issues and address them in less invasive ways than in the past.

Recent developments have made the patient’s experience more comfortable. These include mobile x-ray machines, sonic tools to scrape plaque (as opposed to the old method of scraping), and even the increased popularity of Invisalign. As the industry continues to develop, the ease of attending a yearly appointment will increase significantly.

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