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Are you PF savvy but not math-minded? Then these are for you…

CalculatorI have a confession to make: while I’m a PF nut, I’m not a big numbers gal.

I hate math, actually.

So while I love the idea of things like comparing loans for the best terms or crunching our budget so we can put aside for certain savings goals…and while I know these things are necessary…when it comes down to actually doing the math, most of the time I give it to The Hubby. I just don’t have the interest or the skill to do it myself (and know I’m doing it right).

Which is why I was super-excited when I found out that The Financial Mentor has a whole page of 80 of the best financial planning calculators. I actually called The Hubby in to take a look at it. I can’t tell if he was smiling because he knew he’d have to do less number work for me, or because he thought it was cute how excited I was getting over calculators. J

Whatever math you need help with, these calculators have you covered. You can browse by category (retirement, loans, debt payoff, etc.) or by specific questions like “How long until I pay off my credit card using various strategies?” or “How long until I reach my savings goal given the amount I’m currently saving each month?”

I see myself using these in so many different situations. I’ve actually gotten some ideas for new comparisons I can run for our financial planning, just by browsing the questions. I think these are the coolest PF tool I’ve come across since Mint.

Are you PF savvy but not math savvy like me? How do you handle the numbers games?





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  • Very cool! Thank you for sharing that. I get frustrated trying to calculate personal finance numbers; something is always off. These calculators look really useful!

    • I plan on spending lots of time on them myself (which I’m sure The Hubby will be pleased about). 🙂

  • I love math! I finished my engineering degree without any issues on my math subjects. I was amazed with the list of financial planning calculators you found! I am pretty sure they will be very valuable to many people. Thank you for sharing the information.

    • You’re welcome. Lucky duck with your math skills. I used to be good at math, but something happened to me when I started hitting calculus classes…totally lost me there. 🙁

  • Ha! This post cracked me up. I let my husband do the hard number crunching. I learned long ago that if I did it he would say, “Did you remember to include this?” Ummm… no? Better to leave it to my financial planner of a husband than to try to muck through it on my own. However, I’m totally on board with our PF journey.

    • “My financial planner,” haha. I like that. I think I’m kind of the financial planner overall for our household, but The Hubby is the numbers guy. So maybe I can start calling him my “CPA”? 🙂

  • so, I be behind in the times, but i have never heard of mint…I have to say after checking it out it is exactly what i have been searching for.

    • I was way behind in discovering Mint too, but now I absolutely love it. Check out the comments on that post I linked to…B&B readers gave me some great tips on ways to use Mint to the fullest. I don’t know how I got by without it before!

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