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Beautifying on a Budget: How to Redo Your Room

You flip through the latest home magazine and see all the trendiest new room designs.

The floors shimmer as the sunlight dances through an open curtain, highlighting the picture-perfect comforter and bedframe which compliment the walls.

You think to ourselves, “This is great! I want a redecorated bedroom exactly like this!”

And then you look at your purse. Turns out, you don’t have enough dough for designer decor this month.

But don’t worry! Here are 10 tips on how to redo your room on a budget:

1. Deep Clean Your Room

Wait?! Isn’t this a chore?

Maybe, but deep cleaning your room is one of the best ways to give it a fresh and tidy look. Having a tidy space also reduces stress and distractions.

Best of all, it’s completely free!

Not sure where to start? Consider the pros and cons of organizing your room KonMarie style.

Total Cost: $0

2. Decorate The Walls

Gallons of paint and new picture frames can get pricy fast.

Sure, you could try to search all the stores for coupons and deals. However, there is a much easier way to decorate walls on a budget.

Rather than searching the stores, we can flip through our sketchbooks instead, putting our best designs up on display. Make sure to choose a tape that doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the walls.

If you don’t have many designs yet, don’t worry!

  • Grab some watercolors and a stack of printer paper.
  • Cover the entire paper with 2 to 4 similar colors.
  • Then, sprinkle salt on top of the paper.

You can then turn this DIY designer paper into letters on your wall or cut out whatever shape you like.

For a frame, all you’ll need is a piece of black poster board, some scissors, and a straight edge.

Total Cost: $5 to $15

3. Paint Bedframe and Dresser

Repainting the walls from ceiling to floor takes a lot of expensive paint.

However, repainting your bed frame is a great strategy for decorating on a budget because you won’t have to buy as much paint.

Total Cost: varies

4. Change The Comforter

You don’t have to buy name brand from the magazine to add a splash of style to your bedding.

Here are three ways to switch things up:

  • If you have more than one comforter, pick one that hasn’t been used in a while, preferably of a different pattern or color.
  • Put a soft plushy blanket on top of your current comforter. (These blankets can come in a variety of designs.) Cheaper than a comforter, plushy blankets can range from $5 to $30 depending on size and store.
  • Choose a new sheet set to go with your comforter or plushy blanket. Make sure it looks different than your current sheets.

Total Cost: $0 to $30

5. Get A Jewelry Rack

Why keep your jewelry in a drawer when it can serve as a natural decoration?

Let the stones glimmer from a jewelry rack so they can add to your room’s natural shine.

Total Cost: varies

6. Rearrange Clothes

Clothes have enormous creative potential because there are multiple ways to sort them

You can color code, sort by season, or make them stand up straight in a drawer (There are multiple YouTube tutorials on this).

You can also get an over the door laundry hamper in your favorite color. They’re inexpensive and contribute to your room’s new streamlined design by saving floor space.

Total Cost: $15

7. Choose A New Doorknob

What could be a more obvious change to your room than a brand new doorknob and lock?

Instead of plain metal, go for your favorite color this time.

Speaking of locks, if you ever get stuck there are people that can help—read more now.

Total Cost: $10 to $30

8. Plant A Seed

Commercial flowers can get pricy, but little seed packets can cost as low as 5 cents offseason.

  • Take one peanut butter jar and design the outside of it.
  • Then, grab some high-quality dirt or compost and plant your seed.

Eventually, it will grow into a beautiful flower, and because it’s indoors, you won’t have to worry about the winter frost.

Total Cost: $0.05 to $2

9. Replace Books

Have books, but aren’t reading them?

Consider shopping for ones more interesting. There are plenty of great deals in the book store’s bargain section.

If you can’t afford a shelf of new books, the library will be the perfect solution for your budget, all while making your bookshelf look more interesting.

Total Cost: varies

10. Repurpose Cardboard Boxes

Extremely creative and love to recycle? Great!

Here’s how to reuse your cardboard boxes and craft supplies for more decor and storage—all while decorating on a budget:

  • First, gather a few small cardboard boxes or shoeboxes from the recycling bin, and all the craft paper we have.
  • Then cover the outside of the boxes as if wrapping a present. You can use tape or glue, however, Mod Podge Gloss works better.
  • Let boxes dry overnight.
  • Optional: Add a final cost of Modge Podge Gloss, and use black cardstock paper or ribbon to accent the edges of the boxes.

Total Cost: $0 to $20

Final Thoughts on How to Redo Your Room

Redecorated bedrooms don’t have to break the budget.

By following these tips on how to redo your room, you might even have some money left over to add even more style.

Want to learn how budget better? Consider these options and take a free personal finance class! Or find more financial advice tips on this page.

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