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Erasing the Stigma: What You Need to Know to Have Babies After 35

Having a baby is one of the most fulfilling and exciting things any couple can do. If you’re over 35 and considering a child, you can expect to have a healthy and happy baby.

It’s becoming increasingly popular among women in the United States to have babies after 35. Babies born to mothers over the age of 35 have a lot of advantages in life. Women who choose to have children at 35 or older are likely more financially secure than their younger peers.

Having babies after 35 can be a joyful experience, rather you’ve waited to have children or want to bring a new addition to your family. Read on to learn more about what you’ll need to know in the days and months ahead.

Know the Facts If You Want Babies After 35

There’s often a negative connotation about being pregnant after 35.

There are people who will attempt to discourage you. They may tell you that pregnancy after 35 is risky. They may even say that it’s impossible to conceive after that age. Just ignore them. If you and your partner are healthy and prepared to have children, you can have babies after 35.

Grammy-winning singer Carrie Underwood recently told Redbook magazine that she and her husband Mike Fisher might not be able to have a big family that she had originally hoped for.

In her interview, Underwood said that she may never be able to give her son, Isaiah Michael siblings because she’s already 35. She even shared her plans for exploring other options including adoption. While adoption is always a great option, her statements left many of her fans divided.

It may be harder to conceive after 35 but nevertheless, it is possible!

Experts familiar with fertility have actively spoken out on this topic. Although age 35 is considered an advanced maternal age for women, it doesn’t mean that they cannot give birth naturally. This is made even more possible by the use of fertility advancements like in-vitro fertilization.

Adopting children is a good choice however it is a huge misconception that women over the age of 35 can’t be mothers naturally. Don’t believe anyone that tells you that you can’t have a baby because you are 35 or older.

It’s OK to Have Questions

Dr. Juli Fraga, a psychologist from San Francisco who specializes in women’s reproductive health says that “it is normal to be concerned about later age pregnancy, and yet women at the age of 35 are generally healthy and can have babies”. “Even with fertility issues, there are many ways to help families have children, through IVF, donor eggs, or surrogacy,” she adds.

Dr. Fraga explained that Underwood might just be responding more to the cultural message that women over 35 are no longer able to bear children which is not true. “This pre-pregnancy-related anxiety about one’s fertility being finished is more of a worry than a reality”, she states.

Conceiving After 35 Is OK!

The fastest growing group of women having children are in their 40s. The current trend shows that more and more women nowadays opt to have children at later ages. According to experts, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, experts forecast that these rates will continue to climb in the coming years.

Knowing that you aren’t alone can be a huge comfort. There are so man other women having babies right alongside you! Meet up groups can help you find your peers as you begin your journey as a mother at 35.

Women Who Have Babies After 35 Might Live a Longer Life

The New England Centenarian Study makes a stunning argument for having children later in life. This study found that women who gave birth at 40 are four times more likely to live up to 100 years as compared to women who had their children at a younger age.

It’s great to have children after 35 and what’s even more wonderful is knowing that you’ll be even more likely to live longer. The longer you live, the more great memories that you can expect to make with your family.

You’ll have the chance to watch your children grow and become parents themselves. How beautiful is that?

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Getting pregnant after 35 can be a natural process, however, if you and your partner are struggling to conceive, you aren’t out of luck. Fertility treatments have made many advances in recent years that have helped many couples who struggled to have children naturally, become parents.

If you’re looking for Fertility Doctors in Chicago, Illinois or elsewhere, don’t feel ashamed. Trying to get pregnant naturally without luck isn’t the end of the road. After all, we’re sure you’ve made some happy memories while trying. 🙂

Finding a fertility doctor that you can trust is the next step toward becoming a mom. If you’re ready, there are options available to make parenthood possible.

If you aren’t ready quite yet and you’re approaching 35, you may also want to consider freezing your eggs. This is a great option for women who aren’t quite ready to become parents, but know that they want to have children down the road.

So if you and your partner need a little more time (or if you need a little more time finding the perfect father for your children), talk to a fertility doctor today.

Next Steps

Becoming a mom is a lot of work, but having babies after 35 means that you are more prepared than ever. Listen to your heart and talk to your partner about your plans for your family.

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