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Choosing the Best Jobs by Salary Regardless of Education

There are many different ways to choose a job, but looking at the best jobs by salary is certainly a good start. Of course, we all want to do work that we love. However, we also need to face financial realities. Therefore, we have to balance the pay that we get with the other factors that go into selecting a career. If we can find something that we love to do on a list of the best salary jobs, then we are well on our way to a successful work life.

Get a High-Level Job at Google

In terms of companies, some of the best jobs by salary are all at Google. The top ten highest paying jobs in the company each come with salaries exceeding $200,000. Most of these are director positions, so of course, you would have to work your way up. For example, the Global Creative Director leads teams of brand designers (writers, filmmakers, etc.). This position pays over $250,000 per year. Work your way all the way up to the position of Senior Vice President at Google, and your income soars to about $700,000 annually.

Best Jobs by Salary in Tech

Of course, Google is hardly the only tech employer offering a high salary. Besides, not everyone will make it into a director position there or anywhere else. Nevertheless, tech remains one of the best industries for people seeking a high-paying job. There are lots of tech jobs available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other parts of the US. Some of the leading positions, which all pay six figures, include:

  • Big data engineer
  • Information security engineer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Enterprise architect
  • Mobile apps developer
  • Software architect
  • Technical program manager

In other words, going into the field of engineering and software programming is still a great choice if you’re looking at the best jobs by salary.

Best Jobs by Salary in Medicine

Medicine is the one field that rivals tech when it comes to high-paying jobs. In fact, you can easily out-earn tech professionals by searching sites like and choosing a job in this field. The following seven jobs all have a median income of approximately $200,000 per year:

  • Anesthesiologist
  • General physician
  • General surgeon
  • OB/GYN
  • Oral surgeon
  • Orthodontist
  • Psychiatrist

Of course, you do have to take into consideration that these jobs require you to go to medical school. Medical school is expensive, so you have to balance the salary benefits with the reality of paying off those student loans.

Pharmacists also earn a lot of money but don’t need to go to medical school. They do, however, require a Ph.D. Nure practitioners, on the other hand, don’t need quite as much education and can still earn six figures.

Best Jobs for Salary without Education

Some people don’t want to invest a lot of money and time in advanced education. Does that mean that they’re doomed forever to a life of low pay? Of course not. Here are some of the best jobs by salary for people without an advanced degree. Note that the highest paying jobs on this list might require a 2-year associates degree. Many of them require some kind of certification program. That said, they pay upwards of $70,000 annually.

  • Air traffic controller
  • Elevator repair technician
  • Electronics repair technician
  • Law enforcement detective
  • Radiation therapist
  • Nuclear power reactor technician
  • Pilot for commercial airlines
  • Postmaster
  • Switch operator for train tracks

Other Jobs that Pay Six Figures

In addition to the jobs above, here are some of the best jobs by salary across different fields:

  • Actuary
  • Astronomer
  • Attorney, particularly corporate counsel
  • Financial manager
  • High-level mathematician
  • Management positions, especially in sales and marketing
  • Political scientist

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