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Jobs for Pretty People

jobs pretty people

jobs pretty people

Beauty certainly isn’t everything, but being pretty certainly can have its benefits. Particularly, there are jobs where pretty people will find more success than your average-looking Joe. If you consider yourself to be above average in your looks, you want to consider some of these jobs for pretty people.


First up – an obvious one. Bartenders.

Bartenders make most of their money from tips, so it’s no wonder why attractive people make more money. Obviously, looks aren’t the only thing you need to be a successful bartender, but looking good can help you earn more tips. And if you are a whiz at mixing up amazing cocktails and can hold a lengthy conversation, you will likely find great success as a bartender.

Host or Hostess

In general, it seems like the food and beverage industry is full of beautiful people. In addition to bartenders, hosts or hostesses tend to always be above average in terms of looks.

Why? A host or hostess is the first person customers see when they walk into a restaurant. In particular, trendy and stylish restaurants tend to hire people who are representative of them as a brand. Of course, having an extremely friendly demeanor and the ability to keep up in a fast-paced environment are the most important skills you need to succeed at this restaurant gig; but good looks certainly don’t hurt anything either.


This one kind of goes without saying, because who wants to get their hair done by a hairstylist who has bad hair?

Hair can make or break someone’s style. If they have great taste in clothes, but their hair is a mess, they don’t look as attractive. Having well-kept hair is super important to your overall look!

Personally, I want my hairstylist to look put together, polished, and to have great hair! After all, I’m putting my total trust in her!

Makeup Artist

No surprise here – makeup artists are always pretty! Their mastery of makeup means they always tend to be dolled up and looking their best. While makeup certainly isn’t a requirement to be pretty, makeup artists obviously love to practice their craft on themselves. And makeup can totally transform someone’s face.


And the most obvious job for pretty people? Modeling.

Models come in all shapes, sizes, and looks, but they are almost always pretty people. After all, they are hired by companies to try to sell products. Historically, modeling has been a very exclusive industry. However, in the last few years, companies are changing beauty standards and are looking for all different types of looks for models. There’s still a long way to go to change the beauty standards around the globe, but it is no doubt a great field for attractive people. Even if you aren’t a fashion model yourself, there are still a ton of jobs in for fashion designers, fashion interns, fitting models, etc. (clicky).

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