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Brown bag lunches: Soups for the fall/winter season

I am a die-hard brown-bagger. It just makes so much more sense to bring your own lunch to work every day instead of buying lunch out. Plus, you can make your own lunches a lot healthier than the choices you might find at restaurants (or fast food joints).

I am also a creature of habit. If I try a wrap recipe I like, I’ll make wraps for a few weeks straight, trying out different ingredients, types of wrap, etc. Most of the time during the summer, I bring salads to work every day…the different types of salad you can make are never-ending, and I love experimenting with them!

Now that the weather’s turned colder, I am officially on my cold weather soup kick. There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a windy, gray day. And, like with salads, the kinds of soup you can make are infinite.

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my current favorite soup recipes. I like to make a big pot of soup on Sunday (when The Hubby is in his football coma), then take Pyrex containers of it to work during the week that I can heat up in the office microwave. Each week is a different soup, so it never gets boring.

Some of my favorite soup recipes right now:

(In case you can’t tell, I get my recipes by doing random searches on  What can I say…I like being able to see how things are reviewed before trying them!)

  • Vegetarian Tortilla Soup – Also something different (and yummy!).  You can also make it vegan if you leave out the cheese garnish.
  • Split Pea Soup – Because a soup list wouldn’t be complete with pea soup, at least in my opinion.  🙂
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Apples and Bacon Soup – This one takes a while to make (about an hour a half!), so I usually only make it when we’re having guests over. (I brought it to our family Thanksgiving potluck last year, and everyone loved it!) But I saw the name and was so interested I had to give it a try—and it’s well worth the effort!

What favorite soup recipes do you have? I’m looking to add to my recipe book!





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  • The tortilla one looks good and people can sub in vegan cheese (Daiya) if they wanted to make it vegan with cheese. Same thing with the black bean – looks like the soup itself is vegan but you can use vegan sour cream as the topping.

    Thanks for posting those!

    • Ooo, that sounds good! I need to get into using a slow cooker…it would be so nice to come home from work and have the kitchen smelling delicious and dinner just waiting for us!

  • I am a die hard brown bagger too!
    Those wraps look fantastic.

    I like to make a whole pot of rice and beans and then freeze them in containers, and microwave them for the rest of the week. It gets kinda boring after awhile but I try and spice it up at dinner time so it makes up for it!

    Plus going out to eat = unhealthy options.

    • I’m the same way when it comes to lunches. If I find something that works, I stick with it for a while till I need a change. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit!

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