Cash back sites: get paid to shop!

Money FlyingSaving money when you’re shopping online is a great feeling. So is making money by shopping online.

In addition to trolling my usual price comparison, coupon code, and free shipping sites (that’s another post in itself!), I always try to see if I can also earn some cash back for my purchases through the various cash back sites I belong to.

Just like using a cash back credit card that gives you points (or a percentage of your purchase) for every purchase you make at a certain location, cash back sites give you points (or a percentage of your purchase) for buying through them instead of through the store’s website.

For instance, if I were shopping at Kohl’s (which I do regularly!), instead of going to the Kohl’s website, I’d go to one of the sites below, find Kohl’s on their list, and click the link to the Kohl’s site. By entering Kohl’s through the cash back site’s link, the cash back site tracks your spending and then rewards you for using them as a kind of shopping “hub.”

Why do I use several sites? Because, just like price comparing, I like to see which site will give me the most bang for my buck for a certain store. Here are my big faves. (Some of them also give you coupon codes, points for filling out surveys, etc., so take a look around for all the benefits!)

Have I missed any other good sites? Add to the list in the comments!





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