COTC Update

For those that are scratching their heads – COTC = Carrie…On The Cheap. 🙂

As far as the blog goes, it’s hard for me to post because I don’t have internet at home.  I know, I’m a loser.

However, in a couple weeks when Lloyd and I move in together, we WILL have internet!!


Lloyd has a fabulous iMac as well, so I will definitely be hogging that (don’t tell).

The point is, currently I can only blog on lunch at work and when I’m at Lloyd’s house.

I plan to do lots more blogging when I have internet at home! I know you’re excited!

I’ve been really wanting to post more pictures on Kansas City on the blog – so that’s where I’m going to take it.  I want everyone to be able to actually see all the things I’m blogging about.

Trouble is – I’m a HORRIBLE photographer.  I know that gets you excited to see the pics, right?  I’m working on it though!

Stay tuned!


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