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I apologize for my MIA status lately.  I finally moved this weekend so now all I have to focus on it studying for the big test which is officially 2 weeks away!

Also noteworthy is the fact that I’m having an internet connection installed at our new place this weekend! YAY!  Lloyd and I got a fairly good deal for about $79 per month for internet and cable.  I haven’t had internet/cable since I lived with roommates in college (about 4 years ago), so I’m not sure if that’s a good deal or not!  I’m really just happy to be able to surf the web whenever my little heart desires!

Coming soon after my test:

  • New apartment deets and expense comparisons
  • Guest post by LLOYD! 
  • More Kansas City events on the cheap
  • My summer weekend trip
  • Vegas trip!
  • About Carrie post
  • Life financial goals
  • Past financial accomplisments

Stay tuned!

P.S. Is anyone else freaking out about the Swine Flu?  I am super nervous to get on a plane in about a month!

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