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Decorate Your Home on a Budget


Today we have a guest post for you from fellow personal finance blogger, Anum Yoon.

There’s nothing like bringing home a new piece of décor to spice up a room and really give it some pizazz. You don’t have to break the bank to do this, though. Decorating your home can be fast, fun and cheap when you follow these few steps.

DIY Lamp Shades

As essential as walls are to a home, so is lighting. The décor of your lighting can change a room, while also giving it some personalized creativity. You can make so many different lampshades yourself with a little inspiration. The style, the color, the fabric is all up to you and how you want it to fit into the room. Fancy lamps can be so expensive. Save the cash and create a lamp that will light up your life.

Thrift Shop Drapes

Brand new drapes or curtains can rack up the dollar signs on your receipt. Some of the best bargains you’ll find at a thrift shop are drapes. You can find lightly used or even new drapes if you know where to go.

Thrift shops in higher-income areas often have better finds but cheaper prices. Once you find the right set of curtains, dazzle them up by pulling them to the side. You can find a vintage door knob or tie a pretty bow in the middle. This creates a great focal piece for a room without spending a lot of money.

Yard Sale Site Furniture

Facebook has this new fancy icon at the bottom of the app that shows you who’s selling what in your area. You can search for “yard sale” pages on Facebook, too, in your surrounding areas. You can see all sorts of items being sold, with pictures so you can tell the condition the items are in.

If you’re not a fan of the used furniture look, give it a new finish. Sand it down, give it some fresh paint, and even destress it if you want. You’ll have old turned into new in no time and at little cost.

Fresh Color

Give your room a fresh coat of paint. Before you look up interior painters in your area, consider painting the room yourself. Call up your friends or family, and make a day out of it. Changing up the color of a room can give it a new feel. Choosing the right color for how you want the room to look and feel is important. With the perfect color on your walls and a little help from your friend, you’ll have a new room without having to pay for a professional.

Bathroom Makeover

A great suggestion to updating your house while you’re on a budget is to update the bathroom. You don’t have to put in new tile all over or spend tons of money on a new vanity. Simply piecing together a new shower curtain, rug and trash can will give your bathroom the updated look you want, within the budget you have. Add a basket of magazines and use a pen holder to organize your makeup brushes. It’s the little things that make your bathroom look better in big ways.

Clearance Rack Finds

There is no shame in shopping clearance. You know, new stuff but half the price — or sometimes even less. Isn’t it so satisfying when they print your receipt and right there at the bottom it tells you how much you saved thanks to clearance and coupons? Seriously, you need clearance hacks in your life, the bargain of all bargains. People will want to know just how you shop and find the prices you’ll find.

Easy Pallet Projects

Pallets are a great way to give your home unique pieces no one else will have, simply because you made them yourself. Although some projects might require help, there are plenty of project ideas you’ll want to make for your home. There are so many things you can do with a pallet, you’re bound to find your dream piece of furniture with easy instructions to make it yourself. You’ll make a one-of-a-kind piece, without paying a high price.

Personal Touches

You can decorate your home with personalized touches based on things that mean a lot to you. Create a shadow box and fill it with all the movie tickets, concert tickets, and dinner date receipts from events you experienced with your special someone. Create a backsplash out of wine corks from bottles you drank with family and friends. Little personal touches to your house will give you a warm feeling of home.

You can update your house in simple ways that will save you money. There’s nothing more satisfying than saying you made a piece of décor yourself when someone asks you where you bought it. Putting creative, personalized pieces throughout your home will give you the update you’re looking for. Don’t cough up all the cash you have in your wallet. Do décor the smart way, in a way that helps you save.

Anum Yoon is the blogger behind Current on Currency. She writes about personal finance in a way that is more approachable and inclusive to fellow millennials.

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