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Four Unique Activities for Enjoying the Holiday Season With Your Significant Other

The holiday season is the ideal time for couples to spend plenty of time together, from getting snowed in to taking in seasonal delights like ice skating, Christmas tree lightings and snowball fights. Unfortunately, it can sometimes also feel like you’ve already tried the basics of the holiday season as a couple, from giving gifts to visiting family, and you don’t know what other seasonal activities you can enjoy together that don’t feel tired or well-worn. The wintry season holds countless unique activities that you can try, however, and there are several that might never have occurred to you. If you and your significant other aren’t quite feeling that holiday spirit yet and you need a little inspiration to get you started, check out these fun ways to bond while enjoying this special, beautiful time of year.

1. Dress Up in Matching Holiday Couples Outfits

If you’ve ever glanced at a holiday greeting card where the people in the photo were wearing matching outfits and thought about how much fun it looks like, now is your chance! You can get everything from matching pajamas to couples matching underwear to look paired up and coordinated with all the seasonal bells and whistles. Relax together by the fire in your matchy outfits or hold a silly photo session to laugh at later.

2. Spark Your Inner Excitement With Snowy Outdoor Activities

Depending on how comfortable you and your significant other are with cold weather, you may be tempted to head outside at the first sign of a wintry flurry. Nothing brings out inner joy quite like playing in the snow, so why not take this opportunity to take things back to basics and build a snowman, or have a snowball fight? You’re sure to feel your inner child come out as you enjoy the picturesque seasonal weather.

3. Explore Your Town for Holiday Fun Like Ice Skating

Sometimes the best vacations can be had right in your own backyard. If you live in a town that likes to celebrate the holidays, consider going for a walk or taking a drive through the downtown in search of holiday fun. For example, some places set up ice-skating rinks, where you can wobble on your skates while laughing and holding hands with your loved one. You could also go admire Christmas lights in different neighborhoods, grab a cup of hot chocolate or attend a tree lighting downtown. If your neighbors are up for it, you could even organize a group of carolers to spread the cheer!

4. Try New Seasonal Recipes and Sharpen Your Baking Skills

Perhaps nothing is more evocative of the holiday season than delicious recipes you only get to make during this unique time of the year. Even if you and your significant other don’t have much baking experience, it can be fun to get your hands dirty and try a new recipe together. Consider spending an afternoon mixing the dough for fruitcake, assembling a gingerbread house or baking sugar cookies with sprinkles on top. You’ll have fun in the process and get a yummy treat to enjoy together at the end!

Whether it’s the wintry chill keeping you indoors by the fireplace or the beautiful swirling snow enticing you to fun outdoor activities, the holiday season is the perfect time to take advantage of unique opportunities to bond with your significant other. Even if you feel like you’ve covered a lot of ground already in terms of seasonal activities, there are plenty of fun, season-specific options that you might not have already tried. Consider these entertaining activities to spend a little extra time with your significant other as the weather gets chilly and the holiday lights go up, and you might just find that you’ll have your most enjoyable holiday season together yet!

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