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Friday Faves: 5 ways I lost 7 pounds


Good morning Loves.  I know 7 pounds is small potatoes in the grand scheme of my overall weight loss goals, but it’s a heck of a good start.  Seeing my number on the sale decline every time I jump on it is motivation to keep going.  If you’ve ever tried to lose weight you know exactly what I mean!

I am by no means a health expert, but I am a girl who’s trying to lose weight and is actually doing it.  So here are my ticks of the trade to help get active, eat healthy and shed those pounds for the summer.

Eat half portions

This is an awesome piece of advice from my friend.  Actually she told me to buy smaller plates, which means eat less.  So that’s what I started doing.  When I buy a meal I immediately cut it in half and take the rest to go.  When I cook I reach for the small plates (the appetizer size) and I never go back for seconds.  Sometimes I’m still hungry, but after a few minutes of moving on to another activity I forget all about it.

Cut down your lunches out

Socializing is the biggest hinder to any budget and any diet.  Say “No Thanks” to your friends and decide to go for coffee or a walk instead.  Restaurant lunches with big portions and several courses (including dessert) are the worst for losing weight.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in indulgences, but before you take a bite remember…a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

Think of a goal – outside the numbers

This has really helped me.  Although I do have a goal weight in mind (135 pounds which is a total loss of 20 pounds) I’m trying not to obsess over it. I have a pair of jeans that I used to love.  I’ve kept them all these years in hopes of fitting back into them.  This is my first weight loss milestone which I hope to achieve by July.  I don’t want to buy new jeans just because I gained weight when I can work hard to lose weight, fit into my old jeans and save myself some money at the same time.  It’s a perfect plan.

Get to the gym no matter what

I used to make any excuse for not getting to the gym, from it’s raining outside to I need to take a nap.  But not anymore.  I’ve come to realize that I’m paying for a gym membership so why am I making excuses not to use it?  I’ve also realized that it’s harder to start up again after a gym leave of absence.  It’s so much easier to just keep at it.

Snack on fruit and nuts

This is my secret to afternoon cravings – trail mix.  Not the salty kind with nuts you’ve never heard of, but the kind that’s full of raisins and cranberries.  It’s sweet and filling and nuts are full of good things like protein, it’s also a nice alternative to salad dressing.

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