How to make wedding invitations


We’re in the middle of spring and that means women all around the country are planning their big day and sending out wedding invitations to their family and friends.  If you’re a bride on a budget you may be willing to splurge on the most important parts of your big day and that means finding ways to save on the other little details.

One of the biggest ways to save on your wedding is to DIY whatever you can.  You may be asking yourself how can I make wedding invitations.  The truth is you can save a lot of money if you get a little creative and decide to get your hands a little bit dirty – or full of sparkles and colors.

Choose good quality paper to start

Just because your wedding invitations are going to be DIY doesn’t mean they can’t also be fabulous.   A wedding invitation is paper and if you want it to be nice that starts with finding good quality paper.  You’ll be saving a lot of money by making your own wedding invitations so it’s O.K. to splurge a bit on materials.  That’s the thing about DIY splurging will still save you money because doing it yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional.

Match your colors

How to make wedding invitations perfect?  Make them as if they were being done by a professional.  You need to like what you’re sending out so make them pretty, remember the invitations are your wedding’s first impression – so make it a good one.  Choose paper, materials and ink colors that match your bridal party and theme colors.

You can DIY your save the dates too

When my cousin got married his wife sent out save the dates that were homemade magnets.  I thought this was such a cool idea because it’s both functional and thrifty.  All you need to do is print out your names and the wedding date and glue them on to magnet squares.  To save money you should use the same materials as your actual invitations because buying in bulk is always cheaper.

Skip the printer

There’s no need to run to Kinkos to print your save the dates and wedding invitations, all you need a good printer at home or even your office.  I received a wedding invitation last year to my co-workers wedding and it was hand written, which is a nice personal touch.  Why spend hundreds of dollars at a professional printer when you can print or write them yourself.

If your penmanship is not up to par or you don’t have the time to personally address your invitations printing your invitations is another way to go.  If you buy the paper from one place you can get the details and labels printed at a local shop for much cheaper than going to a wedding store.

When planning your wedding keep in mind that everything and anything with the name wedding on it is expensive.

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