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Weight Loss Step Two: Get to the gym


Remember back in November when I joined a gym and remember back in December when I said I want to lose 30 pounds this year?  Well now it’s February so how am I doing?  I’m still exercising 3 to 4 times a week but I have yet to lose any weight – and I don’t care.  I thought the numbers on the scale would bother me, but they don’t.  I feel better and right now that’s all that matters.  If I keep at it the weight will start to come off but right now getting to the gym is all about my happiness and I feel great.

BF is not supportive of my gym membership.  Actually I should say he’s not supporting of the $41 per month gym membership fee; he feels that money can be better spent.  I disagree and every time he asks me why I prefer to go to the gym rather than workout at home I always tell him the same thing… “Because I can’t run in our apartment.”

The best thing about my gym membership

There are activities I can do at the gym that I just can’t do at home – like cardio.  Sometimes after a really bad day or a really big meal I just feel the need to sweat it out.  Doing yoga and lifting weights in my apartment with DVDs is a good workout but sometimes I just really need to run.  Do you ever feel like that?

I’m not by any means a runner but I like to hop on the treadmill and run until my legs hurt, then I walk for a bit and start running again once I’ve caught my breath.  BF tells me that if I want to run I can go outside because it doesn’t cost anything.  Once again I tell him that I can only run at the gym.

I have exercise limitations because of my lower back problems and therefore running on the treadmill is a lot safer (and more comfortable) than running outside.  Working out outside is prettier and it’s cheap, but running at the gym is more motivating.

Take advantage of everything your gym has to offer

A gym membership is motivation in itself because if you’re paying for something you better use it, right?  I really love group fitness classes.  I’m not sure why but for some reason I feel like a group class is easier than working out on my own.  I think it’s because someone is telling me what to do instead of me trying to keep on the treadmill when my legs feel like J-ELLO.

If I’m in a class with several other people there is no way I’m going to punk out or be the first one to drop, so I keep pumping the weights until the fitness instructor says to stop.  Group classes are definitely motivation to get into shape and those are only offered at a gym.

There’s also the pretty girl gym factor.  It’s only natural for women to compare themselves to each other, isn’t it?  Not in a snobby, feel bad about myself way, but in a “wow I want to look like her so I’ll keep running” kind of way.  Do you do that too or is that just me?

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