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The Pros and Cons of Having a Personal Trainer


Good morning Loves.  Did I tell you about my personal trainer?  Back in November when I joined the gym they offered me two free sessions with a personal trainer.  To make a long story short after rescheduling three times I finally had my first appointment in January.

I prayed to all the higher powers above to make my personal trainer look like Bob Harper.  He didn’t.  He was very nice and he seemed to be smart, but he wasn’t as gorgeous (or charismatic) as the one and only Bob Harper.  Can you tell I have a crush?

Pro: It will help get fit

I am very aware of the fact that I’m not a fitness professional and having the expertise of a professional who can help me tone up and target specific problem areas is an asset.  A personal trainer can help me get fit but I need to change my own habits to get healthy.  Changing my personal habits has to start with me, once I am set in a routine of eating healthy having a personal trainer will only push my weight loss to the next limit.

Con: The Cost

At the end of our one hour session that included a 15 minute discussion about my activity habits, a 15 minute fitness evaluation and only about 20 minutes of exercise the personal trainer tried to sell me a package of six more sessions for $400.  I told him a story about not be able to stick to a schedule (which is partly true) and politely declined.  Like I have $400 to spend in a matter of only 3 weeks.  No thanks.  Maybe if he looked like Bob Harper and maybe if he had a better personality…maybe.

Pro: There’s no better motivation

Normally I don’t like to be told what to do but when it comes to how I look I am willing to take all the help I can get.  I may not stick to it, but I’m open to the advice.  If I hired a personal trainer – and paid for it – I would be motivated to stick to the routine…at least I would try my hardest to stick with it.  The pressure of someone watching and evaluating your every move is both terrifying and motivating at the same time.

Con: It’s a commitment

Having a gym membership is already a big commitment for me.  I don’t like to attach myself to anything because I feel it weighs me down and I like to be free…to have options.  Actually in all honestly being committed to anything absolutely freaks me out!

Having a personal trainer is like making a doctor appointment, if you cancel within 24 hours you are still charged.  Unfortunately with my crazy schedule that’s a commitment I just can’t keep. I like to have a routine, but I like to do it on my own terms.  I don’t want to keep a commitment to be somewhere every week at a certain time, especially if it costs me if I can’t show up.

Do you have a personal trainer?   

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  • I do! I really feel like it’s a solid investment. It’s a really efficient workout (we do strength training and I do cardio on my own) and he teaches me stuff about form that I would never figure out on my own. And there are times he’s really saved me extra pain. When I was sick for months and got well again I started running again (slow, 1, 2, 3 miles) and was having horrible knee pain. He took an entire session (gratis!) to show me how to properly foam roll so I would have decent recovery after running. I would have just assumed I had knee issues and was ready to go to PT!

  • For me, the cost is BY FAR the biggest deterrent. I am bad enough at going to classes when I pay for them, it seems. My coworker just lined everything up with a personal trainer this morning, though, and is amped. She’s joining a 7 week class (it’s only $70!) and then going to see how working one on one with the same trainer can supplement that. She’s super excited, which makes me excited for her 🙂

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