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Petunia 'Wave'My green thumb is starting to get itchy.

When we moved into our house several years ago, the front yard was in decent enough shape. I didn’t love the landscaping, but it was neat and tidy (a few shrubs on each side of the front stoop, with flowers between them), and we had so much work to do inside the house that I just stuck with it.

But this year, as I’m watching our neighbors dig up their flowerbeds and plant new things, I’m starting to get antsy to make the front yard really “ours.” I’m not sure exactly what I’m envisioning, but I’m thinking maybe some window boxes, flowers along the walkway, and painting the front door a different color. I also know I want it to be bright and cheery…yellows, pinks, maybe some sky blues.

A big consideration in terms of what flowers we choose is that our house faces the south, so the front yard is constantly under full sun all day long. I’m learning gardening as I go, and I don’t want to pick out any flowers that will wilt under too much sun. I’m good about watering after work if things are starting to look dry, but even with regular watering, some flowers just aren’t meant for too much sun.

What flowers do you have in your garden? Which do you think might work well for mine?





photo credit:  Vincent Ma


  • running into the same problem as well. I want to plant some evergreen flowering shrubs like azaleas or rhododendrons, but I’m afraid my front yard will get too much sun for their liking…maybe the first step is to plant a shade tree so then i can get more shade loving plants lol

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